The Balancing Act

If you put sweet potato fries with garlic aioli in front of my face I will eat until I cannot eat no longer. They are one of the great loves of my life. Semi embarrassing to say, but it's the truth.  I was out with a group of people once and a friend of a friend commented on how into my fries I was. She said something along the lines of 'Wow. You love fries. Good thing you don't eat those every single day.' To which I replied with not words, but just by shoving more magic crispy sticks of goodness into my mouth. Then my brain went 'Oh fuck. Molls, you do eat fries a lot. Maybe slow your roll.' Then it quickly changed to 'No no. These are your jam. Get it girl, get it.' So back and forth my brain went. Basically until I was at the end of my plate desperately wanting the garlic aioli to be like a never ending lotion I could lather my whole body in. Point is; no I do not eat fries every single day. But an even better point...if I did, I'd probably be an overall happier human. So, my conclusion : eat more sweet potatoes of all fried realms and textures. 

The thing is, I'm always in the practice of balance. Whether that's balancing my time and my energy. Knowing whom to give it to, and knowing when to take a step back and give it to myself. Balancing between thoughts and patterns, trying to understand which are there for betterment of self and which can kick it someplace elsewhere. The balance of rest and play. Balancing on my hands one day and my own two feet the next. 

One thing I know for sure : balance is key. Too much of something is never a good thing as they say. I think there's a lot of truth to that. Be passionate and be persistent about what you strive for, but once and a while take a break and buy a beeswax candle and do nothing but sit in darkness with the flickering of light. I know when I'm off the balance train. When my brain and my body have totally abandoned it and said 'fuck it, fuck the balance game.' But that's a very wrong thing to think. Because as soon as I start to overwork, over stimulate, over indulge and visa versa - I lose myself. I lose sense of who I am when I am at my best; centred and at ease. When we are able to find the line of balance, things in life seem to flow with much more grace. The world around me becomes still and connected. 

I love eating pink starbursts when I have a bath. I also love eating a kale salad for dinner. I love dynamic and powerful yoga flows, but I also love a restorative and relaxing yin session. I like being really hot temperature wise. And I love drinking a cold beer at the end of the day. Some days I feel like talking and sharing stories from sun up to sun down, and some days I don't even want to open my mouth. It's all about that fine line, ya feels? 

So eat that last piece of homemade pie at your Grandmas that no one else is claiming. But also eat a hell of a lot of vegetables. Wear red lipstick and dance all night. Sleep all day and drink three pots of tea. Stay in contact with the people you love, but take some time to ditch the phone. Do work that pushes you mentally and physically, and do work that soothes and nourishes your soul. Basically - do whatever you damn well please. I know I will be. 

Just watch me finish all these fries. 


-- Molly