'Life Is Tricky Baby, Stay In Your Magic'

Life can kinda suck sometimes. It is not always perfect. Actually, fuck perfect. That’s such a silly word. What does it even mean? Whatever, scratch that word out of your vocabulary. Let’s real talk for a second …

We feel pain. We feel sadness. We feel depression, anxiety, numbness, unawareness. We get scatterbrained. We lose interest in things and in people. We feel the world spiralling around us. We feel left out. We feel disappointed. We feel regret. We feel shame. We feel alone. WE ALL FEEL THESE THINGS. AND THAT IS O - FUCKING - KAY. You are human.

It majorly sucks and puts a damper on life in general. We are with the people we love most in the entire world but our mood doesn’t change. It stays stagnant and dull. They hug us, and in the place we normally feel elated, we feel numb. We then start to evaluate everything and nothing all at once. How that even works I would love to know. All you want to do is curl up in a ball, under 18,000 covers and have Michelle Obama sitting next to you singing Beyonce ballads. Or you want to eat an entire pizza with the cast of Girls, and place your head in Lena Dunham’s lap and laugh really hard while she tells you the story about when her baby sister shoved pebbles up her vagina in their driveway (true story - read her book you noobs).

Maybe you’ve never felt this - like a slumpy, deflated version of yourself … and that’s alright. And if you have felt that feeling, like you’re walking around in a shell of yourself … that’s alright too. Life is not linear. Life is a fucking mess of emotions, people, seasons, ups, downs, in betweens, changes, beginnings, endings.

So if you feel like a walking piece of shit - FIRST OFF - you aint. You’re a miraculous being made of the same goodness the universe is compiled of. If that’s not dope as hell, I don’t know what is. So go and do the things that celebrate this fact. For each person, that’s totally different. It might be going for a walk and feeling the leaves crunch under your feet. It might be inviting a friend over to do nothing but eat popcorn and binge watch Summer Heights High and sing the ‘e-e-e-e-ecstacy’ song over and over. For some, it’s making room in your living room to jump and dance and scream and sing. It might be unrolling your mat and going to a yoga class, surrounding yourself with the positive vibes of your community. I remember when I was in a sadness rut while living in Australia, Alice would text me 20 times a day telling me to go to the ocean, to draw or write or paint, to cook some food, to buy the best fucking smelling candle that exists, or a plant, or some new body wash that has roses or rainbows or something in it. Whatever it is that makes your soul feel sparkly again, you can do it. You totally can. It’s just probably not watching the latest presidential debate - because that was hella painful … am I right? 

Remember ...
It's ok. You just forgot who you are. 
Welcome yourself back. 

- Molly - 

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