Haps Birth Albo

OK - here's the scoop. I love Alice, like, a lot. It doesn't help that we are legit on opposite sides of the world. 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder' ... I think distance just makes you miss the absolute living daylights out of that person. Yea, our reunions are legit and our time spent together is that much more special and wonderful. But - we act the same not seeing each other for two days as we do not seeing each other for ten months. Spirit fingers in full force and just a lot of hugging and squeezing faces. Anyways, the point of this is - I'm not with Albs to have shown her love on her birthday (breakfast made and eaten in the sun on her patio, a gorgeous plant, some bath salts (like not the drug, we're talking the real deal shit ya kooks), an afternoon at the beach and some quiet time for her to listen to her favourite podcasts. Then I'd take her out and get her to dance on a table. All about that balance, ya feels? Buuuuut, I'm here, she is there. So - no bueno. This is my love note from afar. Because without you in my life Alice, man oh man, shit would be real cray. You're such a good human, and for those of you that know her, you'd absolutely agree. For those of you that have yet to know her, I feel sorry for you - you missin' out. 


-her nicknames are : Albo, Albonks and Albs (among others ... but like come on, how can you not love someone who literally answers to those words!?) 
-she is the best auntie ever to her squishy little nephew Oliver (who goes by Wally - so you get how good these nicknames in this family are, yea?)
-she loves cheese more than she loves people
-she helps elderly couples when they fall down the hill then sits with them and holds the wife's hand and doesn't cry until they leave because she needs to hold their world together for them
-she takes multi vitamins then pee's in beach puddles and looses her mind for 2.5 seconds because her pee is florescent yellow from the vitamin
-she finds comfort in silence
-she is a grown adult who wears full denim overalls (those are the best kinda folk)
-when she doesn't know how to do something, the words that come out of her mouth are not even real words but somehow they become the most hilarious things you've ever heard
-you can tell her anything and she will either laugh or cry with you and it's just exactly what you needed in that moment
-one of her signature dance moves : the cat (imagine pawing at the air while trying her best to keep the beat) 
-she'll adventure into unknown bush trails with you then complain 10 minutes in that she is too hot and there is sand in her socks
-she reminds you not to take life too seriously ... honestly - she's like the best at this
-she will put her hair up in sporty spice buns with you and deep belly laugh about nonsense, then make someone else take the wrath of the noise complaint the next day
-she is creative, she is driven, she gets shit done
-she sends you selfies hiding in bathrooms at bars because she just does not want to deal (and that is so totally fair) 
-she is incredibly authentic in who she is, which holds space for others to do the same
-we created a platform together, as a place for people to share their stories (and I am so obsessed with that, and so damn proud of us)

There are about a million other things I could say about this woman. Essentially, she's good to her core, and I feel like the luckiest human alive that we get to do this ride called life together. 

Alice, have the best year EVER. I love you.
(my only request is that we are together again in the flesh ... k cool cool)


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