Being Alone

Picture this: It's Saturday afternoon and all you want to do is eat. Last night's beer/tequila combo has really settled in and nothing but cheese and carbs will cure you. There's no food in the house except for the kale you bought on Tuesday when you were feeling like you might want to be healthy. That phase ended and now you want a burger. You try and call your friends to see who's also starving and then remember you only actually like three people and they're all busy. Cool. So you end up at the restaurant alone. This isn't what you planned but that burger was just calling your name. You walk in and feel 1000 sets of eyes all on you - the girl eating alone. Everyones staring and whispering; speculating about all the reasons why a girl would eat by herself.

Actually, they're not. No one cares, and neither should you.

Being scared of the family next to you potentially judging you for eating alone is not something anyone should do. That family has three kids with head lice and two of them are on the floor fighting over the last crunchy french fry. The parents haven't had a good nights sleep in 7 years, and they couldn't give a shit about the girl sitting next to them reading a book and crushing that burger. They don't care if you're alone and you shouldn't either. Nor should you give a shit about the guy across from you at the cafe wearing his perfect hair in a perfect man bun with perfect pants writing in his journal, sipping a soy macchiato. He probably thinks you're pretty fucking cool for eating alone and admires the fact that you can eat so much food and still manage to look hot as fuck.

When I first moved out of home and was freshly single, all I did for the first 6 months was watch Sex And The City in my underwear with a bottle of wine and crush 18 bowls of pasta everyday. I was alone and I was so fucking happy about it. Of course there were days when I definitely did wallow in my pathetic-ness, and cry because my only true friend was Carrie Bradshaw. But I feel like that's all part of it. Being alone taught me about myself, and that was more than anyone else could've done for me.

So go and eat alone. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home; your insta can wait. Sit on the couch and do nothing but pluck the ingrown hairs on your bikini line. Enjoy your solitude, because one day you might have a litter of kids that need constant attention and being alone will be a distant memory.


- Alice