There's This Thing : It's Called 'Connection'.

connecting. it's what we're all about. i mean, look at our name. duhz. we're pretty damn into it. to be honest, it's a process of learning, always. a continual understanding of what it means to connect. each person views it and practices it differently. one of our favourite things is asking people 'what does connection mean to you?'. each human has a long lineage of past experiences, ideals, and patterns that help shape them into the person they are upon meeting them. the beauty in that is the fact we are all consistently evolving. our minds alter. different people draw different pieces of us to the surface. something we love so much about our website, is the honesty that those we talk to display. the unfiltered and unedited spillings from their minds and souls. people sharing from places of utmost authenticity is where the real deal good shit stems from. it's where connection begins, and if you continue with the realness it just keeps blooming like a gorgeous flower. 

creating 'the connection corner' came from a desire to share the lives and movements of people. people who are showing up fully in our world - just simply by being real and owning their stories. through these wondrous humans we have learned more and more what connection really means to us. we figured that since we ask everyone the question, we might as well sit with it ourselves. we talked about it. we came up with some notes. we got side tracked and sent each other pictures of cool plants. anyways, when it comes down to it, connection means a hell of a lot of things. but we'll share with you what it means to us. 

connection means looking people in the eye. seeing them as the individual that they are. it means really fucking seeing them and all the magic that they possess. stop having a conversation with someone and already have in the back of your mind what you're going to say the second they close their lips. just be with people. silences do not always have to be filled with words, they can be filled with full on and attentive presence. connection means dropping judgement and labels. stop carrying that shit around. it's heavy. let it go. bring forth love and compassion and understanding to each person you encounter. connect to the world around you. technology is cool and all, but nothing is cooler than the sky and the trees and way the wind feels when it gently blows across your cheek. if you're stuck in the world that your phone is displaying to you, yea - you might learn something new or stumble across someone's exciting news. but what about the marvelous connection of the universe that is waiting for us within nature, and the world outside of our phones. we're hard believers that the ocean and the earth hold a hell of a lot of our answers, we've just got to tune in and listen. so connect to what's around you. notice something different for the first time, it might just flip your world on it's head. (and that can sometimes be a good thing y'all).

connection is openness. it's letting others see you as you really are. which can sometimes be scary and hard. but when you put yourself out into the world as you are - the people who are meant to be in your life, they find their way. it all begins to flow. you begin to take the ego out of your life and realize that every person has something to teach us. whether that's how to prepare avocado on toast better, natural remedies for a head cold, how to laugh from the deepest part of yourself, or maybe they remind you the beauty in being humble. everybody's got something (even those people that drive you mad), and by letting connection lead the way - you'll start to pick up on these things. the things we are offered simply and profoundly through our experiences with one another.

lastly, connection is the bigger picture of humanity. we'll drop a little secret ... we're all one. we let society and suffering and close minded ideals dictate how we sometimes treat one another. but there is profound connection in remembering that together, we've got this.

so - pay attention, be curious, practice kindness, allow yourself to be receptive, remember who you truly are, listen with intention, learn new things, collaborate, share joy, tune in, be open.

so yea, there's this thing ... it's called connection. and we are really, really into it.

- Molly and Alice

the connection corner