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I first met Payten a few years ago working together. The perfect way for me to describe her is that she's like a sunflower. Warm and full of light, bringing happiness to every freakin person. She's this bright and lovely thing that you just want to be around, talk too, hang with, share with and laugh with. She is wicked smart and as kind as it gets. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and owns who she is in it's full embodiment. She's also super super funny you guys. An absolute joy of a woman and although our paths don't cross as often as I'd prefer, she's one of those people that you just pick up right where you left off with over a cup of coffee and some stellar conversation. Her soul is real honest and real good. Meet Payten ...


'I recently read this quote. “Always be the dumbest person in the room”. This is so important! We have boatloads to learn from the people we surround ourselves with! Anyways, my point is that as the total chatterbox that I am, I’m trying to be more of a listener when I’m interacting with someone. Also, I think a fun fact about me is that if I ever went to prison, rather than my family and friends, I think what I would miss most is shopping for fresh produce because I am shallow. Also tea? No, no, coffee. I catch my friends for coffee on the run as all true hustlers do.'


'Writing is my escape from the wicked yet yummy realities of being a human. To me, being creative means altering our perspective. Being creative means to step outside the box. Something as simple as this; you have been with the same person for five years and you adore that person and that person thinks you’re wonderful and treats you like a treasure and you look at that person every moment and think that without them, you would be nowhere. When in fact, you wouldn’t be ‘nowhere’ you would just be somewhere else. To be creative, is to not limit our thought process.

on her blog '30 Lines or less'

'I love writing! Although when I found myself drafting up plans for a space to project that love, I worried I was too boring to do it alone. This is when I had the idea to reach out and encourage others to work in this space too. A communal blog! YES.
I added the 30 lines cap to keep it fresh and challenging. I received and am still receiving so many INCREDIBLE pieces from people out there who just want to share and it’s so cool.'


'As a married woman, I have all these insane eureka thoughts on holy matrimony. First of all, a wedding and a marriage are two TOTALLY different experiences. It’s interesting to me that these two players always seem to get bunched together because they’re actually two totally different ball games. A wedding is a day. A 24 hour time period, maybe a weekend but my point is that the majority of energy from a couple who’s about to tie the knots goes directly into this event and stays there to die. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS!? Save your energy for your marriage, love birds! This is where the awesomeness is at. Don’t (go into) and come out of this 24-hour incident feeling exhausted, broke and angry. And sometimes, despite your greatest efforts, your marriage doesn’t work out and that is OKAY because life works in mysterious ways and as long as you can throw your hands in the air and laugh, you will find your way home. (Thank you to my parents for teaching me that sometimes, the best way to get through a difficult situation in life is through laughter – even if people look at you like you’re being totally inappropriate. Example, that one time at that funeral)'

'Snapshot of my wedding: Sylvan and I got married under the Broadway Bridge with our parents and siblings while sipping on beer (sorry, I’m sure that’s breaking the law) as the sun went down. We then partied at Village Guitar with our most loved peeps to live music, delicious food and a toonie bar until the sun came up. I bought my dress online, we didn’t have a wedding party and we skipped the bachelor/bachelorette stuff. My marriage is fun, easy and sexy. And so was my wedding.'

'Love isn’t always an organic feeling. Love is a decision. However, when we make the decision to practice love, it feels a lot like your favorite album on repeat.'


'To me, being a woman means tapping into and following your female intuition. The fierce intuition we are born with is one of the greatest gifts we are given as women. After reading The Bell Jar, my outlook on womanhood/motherhood was forever changed. Every female should read it! With that said, while I greatly admire Sylvia Plath her outlook on life can be freakishly bleak. So, if I had to pick, I would create a hybrid because its 2016 and I can do that, right? I would mix the candidness of Miss Plath (without the head in the oven) combined with my mothers Beyoncé-like work ethic and Jane Goodall’s dedication then breed them all in my secret meth laboratory to create the ultimate woman.'


'Connecting is tossing that total downer “Small Talk” out the freakin’ window. Tell me about YOU. About what YOU like and love and HONESTLY DO NOT EVEN START ON THE WEATHER. In order to connect, we have to be vulnerable so if you feel like you’re missing out on meaningful relationships, drop your costume at the door because this is where the magic in connection begins. Also, a hug! A hug is so good. If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you I spent 21 years being afraid to hug someone and once I found the strength in me to let others in, everything around me began to grow.'


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