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We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.




My name is Liv! Im a student, vase enthusiast and lover of the little things. I'm currently floating about in my own little world, waiting to find where it is I'm meant to go. Meanwhile, I try and direct my energy towards kindness, writing things, picking up obscure hobbies and learning as much as I possibly can! I also love travelling, making pies and lists. I think I might be doing the list thing now! 


Ahhh books. I truly cannot get enough of them. Ever since my mum used to take me to the library as a child, I have been walking out of any book homing place, with books piled so high I can barely see. I can most definitely say that they were my first true love. They have done nothing but make me grow and inspire me to do better and be better. I have a slight addiction to buying books, but I never feel guilty about it. Every time I see them I remember the adventures I embarked on (almost like looking at travel photos). The space they occupy on my shelves seems infinite, as if they are little tiny universes that you just have to open. I feel like I can't give them justice. Books are everything to me. I remember when I was about 13 I would save my pocket money to visit the bookstore on a Tuesday before swimming training. It was the highlight of my week. They are a constant in my life and my greatest comfort. I mostly enjoy classics these days, and I love having a pencil on hand to underline my favourite parts. These are generally quotes I find profound and can learn from. Quote fiend. 


Ooo. Im a big fan of self care. For me, its all about the little things. 

A good book, tasty lunch, sunshine, ocean, many snacks

1. Start the day reading in bed with warm lemon water. Candle for ambience. 
2. A sunshine walk. I love listening to podcasts and watching my dogs ears flap along as he trots. 
3. Gym. I love exercising and its nice to get it done early in the day. 
4. Head to the rockpools. Sun, sea, books again. 
5. Tasty lunch. French toast would be ideal but anything healthy makes me happy too
6. Head home knowing I don’t have to leave again. Cook a carbalicious dinner.
7. Gossip girl. Essential. 

Top tips:
Buy yourself flowers. I do it all the time. 


Being a woman means being myself and not apologising for it. It means being part of company that continually exhibits strength, love and ability. It means being a little part of the beautiful and diverse human race. 


I started my bookclub very recently! For a few years now I'd been searching for one. I mean, sitting around with a bunch of people, eating cake and sipping tea, discussing ideas….heaven. I actually don’t think I could fathom anywhere I'd rather be. I couldn’t find any local groups that didn’t focus on romance novels, and one day it hit me! I could start my own. We recently had our first meeting and afterwards I was on the biggest high because it was everything I could have hoped for! A great bunch of people, offering differing views on some very intriguing notions!  


Within this big crazy world, where do you feel most at peace? 

I definitely feel most at peace in the cozy little corners of my house (introvert alert). I love nature but I'm lucky enough to live very close to it so I can have both at the same time. My top three have to be my flowery room, finding a patch of morning sun near my garden, and the breezy balcony. 


What makes your soul light up? 

Spending a simple day. I particularly remember this time I was riding my bike through the National Park and I was flying along the sun-dappled path, after having a picnic with a river dragon, and I was worried my heart was going to burst open! I felt so free and happy. There is nothing quite like bird song, sunshine and freedom. 


What makes you laugh the hardest? 

Definitely myself. Sometimes I make myself cry, but unfortunately no one else thinks I'm that funny. 


What is something all girls and women need to realize?

Happiness is the noblest goal for yourself. Also, be kind to others because only good will ever come from it. 


Connection to me is synonymous with quality interaction. A genuine desire to understand another. 

Where can we find you and your goodness?

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