She lives straight from her soul. Her words are absolute magic. The way she strings together the pieces of her heart onto paper is one of a kind. She shares from a place of complete vulnerability and truth and allows love to guide her life. She's funny, she's fearless, she's warm and she's kind. She's scared of bears, and her guilty pleasures are inari, raw cake, vegan ice cream, and guacamole. I asked her what she would do with her wild and precious life if she was given a few months to live. Her response is spot on. "I would spend the rest of my days living very simply with my love by my side, surrounded by my family and friends, sharing delicious meals and telling stories over glasses of red wine, eating chocolate, swimming in the ocean, sipping in every last molecule of the days and nights, staring at the sky - finding constellations and shapes in clouds, and feeling content with all I have experienced so far."



"I am Natalie, a 27 year old woman, a dreamer, a writer, a true piscean. Love is my guiding force. I am a sun-chasing, rain-loving adventurer with an insatiable appetite for mother nature, oceans and sunsets. Life, all around me, lights me up - in all its wonderment and overwhelming beauty. I am a traveller. I love hard. Life is magic."

"I currently live in Adelaide, South Australia - but my fiancé and I split our time between there and his home, Seattle. If I could live anywhere? It would be in a treehouse by a lake or a river or the ocean with my love, passing the days writing and cooking, laughing, hiking, devouring books and making love."



"Being in love is the most beautiful experience in life. To me, it means liberation, fearlessness, joy and hope. And it feels so very blissful. It is unimaginable - to be knowing this love, to be in the thick of it, experiencing this feeling first hand... something I wished for, something I waited so patiently for... this is why I live, what I live for. And it starts with being in love with life, with the choices I make and the things I do with my days, the people I've met, those I choose to spend my time with."

Photo by Mike Chin of People Seen

Photo by Mike Chin of People Seen



"I have always had a yearning to write. I started writing poems and song lyrics when I was really young, maybe seven or eight. It was until I returned home after finishing uni that I decided to start a blog. I'd always wanted to write a book, this felt like a logical first step. I received some pretty inspiring feedback and I realised I wasn't alone in all I was feeling - there were people all around me feeling everything I was feeling."

"The hardest part has to be being entirely honest - with those who I believe will or might read it, and with myself. I use writing as catharsis a lot of the time, finding answers that I may or may not want to hear. So it's tough to go through that process of complete honest brutality. The best thing is the conclusions I find - the answers and inspiration, courage and comfort."



"I love being a woman. I grew up feeling empowered and was encouraged to follow my dreams, to do whatever I was inspired to. I grew up telling my dad I wanted help with any and all of the chores on the farm, reminding him to never underestimate me - he never did. I grew up brawling with my brothers, standing my ground and making my own decisions. I was encouraged to live however I wanted to. With good values to guide me, I knew I could be anything, go anywhere and do whatever I wanted. Being a woman allows me to see how lucky I am, and was, growing up. I know not all girls have that opportunity, not all girls are allowed the chance to figure out what they want from their life. Not all girls have a safe upbringing. Being a woman shows me the differences in our world, and makes me more empathetic and sensitive to this world we live in."

"My hope for future generations of women is to feel safe at home and in their countries and cultures, to live in a world where they can make their own decisions, knowing they will have the full right and ability to achieve their wildest dreams or choose whether or not to marry, or simply go to school. I hope they find empowerment in their femininity, I hope they learn how to love and find joy and feel bliss. I hope they see magic and conquer all their fears. I hope they live.

"Being a woman means standing in my own light to find the strength, love, grace and humility to walk through my life with compassion and patience. Being a woman is a constant search for truth and self, throughout every stage o life."