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We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.





I feel the most alive when I’m travelling, creating, collaborating with people who have the same kind of zest for life and connection that I do.

I am playful, positive, creative, warm, soulful.


My dad is a photographer, and I can’t think of anyone I admire more professionally (and in general as an amazing human being). He’s been a photographer for over 45 years. It took me a long while to accept that, I too, had creative talents in photography - just like my dad. For years I had convinced myself that I wasn’t creative enough, that photography was “his thing” and that I should keep searching for the thing that could be just for me. The moment I worked through those fears and insecurities, my photography career bloomed. It was fast, but I was so ready for it.


It always comes back to connection. It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting for an NGO, a wedding, a family portrait session for a loved one diagnosed with a terminal disease… every session I have the opportunity to shoot is a chance to connect with another person or group of people. I think that’s what I love most, is that the circumstance doesn’t particularly matter, it’s the connection that counts.

what advice would you give to a new and blooming photographer?

Community over competition always. Find your crew, shoot what you love and tell the story with all your heart.

There are two elements that pull me deeper and deeper into photography: connection and creative expression.


To me, being a woman means owning your confidence, finding your grace, and supporting others while remaining connected to your own truth.

being a woman and photographing women - what does that feel like and how does it impact your art form?
Being photographed can be an extremely vulnerable experience. You’d be surprised at what comes up for some women. Sometimes I have portrait sessions where we begin to shoot, and we stop and talk about insecurities, life, old stories that have managed to define us. Sometimes there are tears and that’s okay.

what is your hope for our next generation of girls?
I feel like our next generation of girls are intelligent, blooming and bursting with opportunity. My hope is that girls continue to rise and bloom. That confidence, grace and a grounded sense of empowerment guides them from girls to young women.



Connection is honestly everything. It’s that sweet, magical link between yourself and a person, people or space.

I practice connection by finding myself everyday. Through yoga, through meditation, through a variety of methods of self care. And through feeding the positive relationships in my life.

Where can we find your goodness?

instagram : @mpantel

website : www.pantelphoto.com