Molly & Cheryl

Molly's mama bird Cheryl.  
My mom's the tits. I don't really fully even understand that saying, but I feel like it's quite funny, as is my mother - so it works. She's a little fire cracker of a woman. She drops the occasional f-bomb, but can sit in silent meditation for forever. She dances in the middle of the street, but loves to be in bed by 8 PM. She can make a mean brussel sprout salad, but will refuse to let me back into the car unless I share my pastry with her. I've seen her cry her eyes out and I've seen her in fits of laughter. She's a vast and brilliant woman who doesn't hold back in any aspect of her life. She showed me first hand that boxes are not a space to live within. She taught me that I can be whoever I damn well please, as long as I'm being kind to myself and kind to others.  
She reminds me that everything will be okay. Even when I come to her freaking because I found some weird bump on my body that's really just an ingrown hair, or I'm confused as hell with what is all involved with taxes. She brings me back down to earth and keeps my sanity in check the only way a mother can. She is the kindest and sweetest soul, while also being ridiculous beyond words and not giving a shit what anyone thinks about her. She's honest and real and let's me know that life is wonderful, then it can be kind of awful, then wonderful again. It can be heartbreaking and breathtakingly beautiful all at the same time. I'm a pretty big fan of the lady, and consider myself awfully lucky to be her daughter.  
'I knew I wanted to be a mother my whole life I think. There was always a maternal instinct in me and I have always loved children.  I chose to wait until I was older though to actual birth one onto this planet. Why? To be completely honest, I wanted to be selfish with my own life first. I wanted to travel and go to school and do what I wanted. Then the shift comes when you do have a child and everything flips. Your selfishness turns to selflessness. You want to do everything for your little humans. But sometimes being selfless means giving your last piece of pie to them, and that can actually really suck. ' 

'Learning how to let go, and constantly wanting to make sure your kids are safe is a constant. The hardest part actually initially becoming a mother is expelling a person from your body. It’s weird and well, it kind of hurts. I wanted to poke my own eyeballs out during the age of 7-15 with both my girls. It’s also pretty hard watching your child drive away for the first time when they get their license. (I think Mom was mainly choked because my sister and I went for donuts and we didn’t invite her. She told me this like two years later and I cried I felt so bad. Sorry again Mom.) Also, I personally did not enjoy that my children went through a very long phase of not knowing how to throw up properly. Why they chose to do it on the kitchen floor instead of in the bathroom I have no idea. But I have to say that was not fun. At all. ' 

' When I think about my life before becoming a mother, I’m happy to say there isn’t anything I really miss and am sad I no longer have. I can’t even imagine going back to that time, because there is nothing more fulfilling for me personally then to have these beautiful little humans that depend on you and it gets to be your job to teach them things and love them. ' 

' I love having two girls. I always knew I wanted daughters. It’s amazing to see different pieces of myself in you and your sister. In Kim I see my strength, my determination, my fierce nature, and a similar work ethic. In you I see my sweetness, my patience, my love of talking to people and lots of spontaneity. Both of you love to travel, to laugh, to eat delicious food, and are very independent. It makes me really proud. ' 
' The best part of motherhood is being alone with my girls and just enjoying each others space. That’s something I’ve always been so in love with since your births. Now that you’re both older, my favourite thing to do with you two is to go on road trips listening to music with the windows down and singing along. I loved when you two were little and we would all have a bath together. I could never be in the tub for longer than 5 seconds without your naked little bums hopping on in. We did that until we could all no longer fit. I love that we all still cuddle and sleep in the same bed when we get the chance. ' 


During our chat, Mom at one point sounded as if she was crying. I quickly asked what was wrong and she responded with “Oh, I’m just faking it. It’s for dramatic effect Molly.” So there you go folks, my mama - the irreplaceable, hilarious and magnificent Cher-Bear.