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I am thoughtful, creative, emotional, driven, and ALWAYS hungry.

A perfect Sunday to me would probably start with a good ol’ sleep in, followed by brunch and maybe a drive to somewhere beautiful, like a beach! If I’m not driving, I’d be doing something I don’t get time to do during the week, like painting, cooking, playing guitar or making candles. The evening would be spent eating a yummy dinner, talking smack and laughing with my fam or friends.

I’m a big believer that inspiration finds you through moments, people, places, conversations, images and thoughts. I bloody love it when random things inspire a big thought and ideas explosion in my head.

When I feel the most alive? The first thing that jumped into my mind was being smack bang in the middle of a mosh pit at a gig, surrounded by lots of sweaty bods all totally infatuated with the music and what is going on in front of them. It’s so random, but in those moments, I always seem to have the same thought of ‘fuck this is cool, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world’. So, I guess it’s those, ‘pinch yourself’ moments that make you grateful for being completely present in a certain moment.



I am loyal, intuitive, easy going, insightful and a helpless over-thinker-of-life.

I love waking up on a perfect sunny day mid Aussie summer, having an easy morning sipping a chai latte and having something along the lines of smashed avo or a mango smoothie for breaky. It would have to involve an ocean swim of some sort, possibly a boogie board or surf attempt (lol) and just lazing around soaking up the sun, reading a magazine or book that inspires me. Then ending with some bevs and a cheese platter watching the sunset somewhere with a group of open-minded people that speak their mind & are simply just down for a good time.

I feel like I am actually most inspired by those around me or those I look up to that have the guts to pursue a life that really feeds their soul. It sounds corny, but I feel like you just know and can feel it when someone is passionate about their life and what they are creating. In a world with so much judgement and expectation, I find it such a brave and inspiring choice for someone to make.

I associate the feeling of being alive with huge gusts of wind (haha) but more specifically whilst in the ocean. Like when you are ducking under huge pounding waves and being spat back out, taking that gasp of air you weren’t sure you were going to get. I think just being amongst something so uncontrolled, powerful and free like the ocean makes me feel most alive. It’s something about nature that makes you feel I guess small, and a part of something bigger than yourself and your own worries.


inspiration finds you through moments, people, places, conversations, images and thoughts




It all began working at a mexican fast-food restaurant, Court and I clicked straight away and would spend most of our shifts eating the guacamole and corn chips out the back, or standing at the registers chatting (employees of the year!). Thank god, neither of us  work there anymore. The best thing about doing this with Court has been first and foremost getting to know someone who I know will be my friend for life! (cute). Secondly, it’s just been the best have someone to unashamedly bounce your ideas off all the time, who you know won’t judge you.

We wanted to combine our love of writing and photography and honestly it just seemed like the logical plan! The idea came about at a mate’s party, standing around the fire. I was just so stoked that someone else wanted to give it a go with me! It’s constantly growing and evolving, we’re constantly messaging each other with new ideas.


Yep, it all started at the registers of a Mexican fast food chain. I think the best part about doing this with Mia, is that I have someone I trust to share a part of myself that I don’t share with a whole lot of people straight away. Just knowing I can go to her with any idea or thought without feeling a need to hold back or filter, is pretty special and I’m so lucky and happy to have found that with someone I can work and create with.  

We were sharing how we both have always wanted to create something of our own as I guess a creative outlet, specifically online and to share with others. A blog seemed to be a perfect platform and I guess reason for not only sharing our own work but for connecting with inspiring, unique people we may have never had a reason to connect with otherwise. ( Like yo-selves!!!;)

To be completely honest, a clear vision for Uninhibited.co is something we have struggled with because unlike some creative ventures or businesses, we never started Uninhibited for one soul reason. We started it as a way to express ourselves and as a way to connect with this incredible online community we discover and learn from endlessly. We are always evolving where we want Uninhibited to go, but right now we would want Uninhibited to be a go-to place for people wanting inspiration, support, and connection with creatives & visionaries in ways that feel almost “no-bullshit” and just REAL.



Being a woman to me means being proud of my femininity and having an unspoken responsibility to be brave, empowering and bold! Women can do anything!


I feel like this is something that constantly evolves within myself, but right now, being a woman to me means feeling free to share all sides of myself and my body without shame. I feel like we as women no matter where we are in the world or where we come from, have these deeply ingrained expectations on what it is to “be a woman” as do men for what it means to be a man, and we naturally inflict these on ourselves even if it doesn’t feel right. For me, to be a woman is to BE whoever and whatever you want to be, free from these preconceived ideas we are told, and an expression of our OWN conclusion of who we want to be firstly as a human being, and then as a woman.

to be a woman is to BE whoever and whatever you want to be



To me - connection is vital for leading a whole life.
I practice connection with the people around me by consciously making time for them, or even simply shooting them a message when they pop into my mind. It’s a goal of mine to become better at practicing connection with myself, at the moment, I’m blocking out time in my day to write down whatever is going on in my head that day, I’m trying to make meditation part of my routine and I’m doing yoga a couple of times a week which I’m finding particularly helpful.


Connection is everything. Be it with other people, the planet or yourself. Without it I feel like your world would be meaningless.
I think making time for people who make me feel good, expand my mind and support me is how I feel connected. On a self-level I guess making sure I am conscious of my thoughts and why I am having them, this make me feel connected to myself and where I’m at.


Where can we find your goodness?


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