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This woman is pure sweetness. Her presence is calming and her energy is captivating. She's like a warm blanket on a cold winters day. Being around her is an absolute pleasure. She's kind, creative, inspiring, adventurous, smart, and joyful. And these are the words coming from someone (me), who doesn't even know her in all her entirety. I love her teachings, I love her artwork, I love her style, I love her words. When I asked her what she believes her purpose in life is, she came back with this dose of goodness: 'I truly feel like my purpose in life is to leave this world a better place – to have people remember the love and kindness that I left behind. While I’m here, I want to help people relax and de-stress. Life guarantees us that it will be hard at times, also, we live in such an anxious, fast-paced time, so I really do love helping people relax their minds and bodies. This makes my heart happy.' Meet Lynette ... 


'I’m very much an introvert. Alone time is how I fill up my well. Don’t get me wrong, I love being social and having fun, but I get tired in crowds and usually need to get back to my nest to refuel. I was always shy and though I’m not as shy anymore I am definitely still very content on my own. Because I’m a yoga teacher and am in front of people a lot, I need this quiet time to recharge.'

'Some fun facts about me? I’m adopted. I’m scared of the dark. I love to laugh so hard my belly hurts. I’m a crazy dog lady (Like, I really love dogs so much). I used to live in Mexico. I really like tequila and guacamole.'


'My first yoga class was an Iyengar yoga class. I’m so grateful it was, as I learned about how important alignment and support is. I did yoga on and off wherever I was living and then I started going to an Ashtanga studio and was hooked. Over the years, I’ve seen yoga transform me, layer by layer: my temper simmered, my anxiety settled, I felt physically stronger, and the philosophy resonated with me, little by little. I didn’t dive right in but instead simmered in the teachings. I knew I wanted to teach after the very first community class I taught. People walked in so tired and stressed. And after Savasana they left looking like different people. They’re faces had changed. I couldn’t think of anything better to offer others. Little did I know that would be the path that would shape my life; the path where I would meet the loveliest students and friends; the path that would allow me to get to know myself and become comfortable in my own skin.'

'Yoga found me. It found me when I was ready and it’s been a slow revealing journey ever since. Yoga has penetrated my being, layer by layer, year by year, experience by experience. It doesn’t just happen, especially as a teacher. You don’t just take a training and “Boom!” you’re a wise teacher. Wisdom comes after much learning and that learning never ends, I hope, anyway. I never want to be at a point where I think I know it all. Never. I’m a teacher that will always be a student first. Yoga is a gift. It has been a constant in my life that has peeled away, is peeling away, the bullshit. Life impacts us in so many ways - we don’t even know how we’re affected by our experiences until we find release. Through yoga, I’ve come to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve healed parts of myself I didn’t even know needed healing. I’ve learned that all of our experiences our hidden in the body. Our body remembers everything at a cellular level. When we move, stretch, breath, and deeply relax we can release those knots. And it’s a lifelong process because we’re human and always having human experiences, until we die. Just because one is a yogi doesn’t exclude them from that humanness. And just because one is a yoga teacher doesn’t mean they know everything or don’t go through all that life has in store.'


'People need to chill the fuck out because our lives depend on it! We live in a world where we are working more, exposed to more world news, we’re attempting to do it all, and that’s fine, but without the balance of restoration we are screwed. I think we’ve lost balance in our lives. For women, we don’t respect all the changes women’s bodies, minds, and emotions go through in our lifetimes. We fight against this flow instead of move and breathe with it. I have a woman’s perspective so that’s my experience but I also believe everyone needs to and benefits from chilling out. Go to a restorative or yin class. Lie in the grass and watch the clouds float by. Sit on your paddleboard as it bobs up and down on the water. Slow down, somehow, even for a moment.'


'When I’m in the ‘creative flow’ time both flies and stops at the same time. Maybe what I mean is it doesn’t exist or matter the way “man-made” time normally matters to us. I am completely in the now when I’m painting, writing, cooking, or taking photos. It feels like a burst of pent up energy is released. If I don’t engage is some sort of creative outlet, I feel stuck or antsy or frustrated. Being creative empties my mind and calms me down. I’m not amazing at one thing but instead kind of good at a lot of things. every time I complete a project, I feel like I have something in my hands to show for it. It’s very satisfying.'

'For me, being creative is like breathing. Like if I don’t have a creative outlet, I feel agitated. Kind of like if I don’t stick to a regular yoga practice, I start to feel irritated more easily.'


'My happy places have one thing in common: water. Water completely calms me. Maui is a pretty sweet place for me. There is something about the island that is very healing. Every time I go, I feel so healthy and happy. I love going there to reset. I’m also pretty happy in Mexico and at the lake with family.'

'Travel has taught me and continues to teach me to have an open mind, to go with the flow, to try new things and to surrender to the experiences in front of me. I always return with new perspectives. Travel reminds me that we are all different and that is not something to change but something to be celebrated. When I travel I feel my most alive and inspired.'


'Right now I’m learning how all-encompassing being a woman is, how multi-faceted we are. One quality doesn’t define us. Our bodies change throughout our lifetime. Our minds are not linear. For most women I know, we are very fluid, always changing, up and down, expanding and contracting. I think being a woman is kind of like choreographing a dance. We are always flowing, moving, changing. And I’m learning that is a beautiful thing. I don’t want to bend to fit into someone else’s opinion of me. I have many sides that make me, me. There is no one right way to be in the world. Also, as a woman who’s chosen not to have kids, yet, or maybe at all, I’m finding that it doesn’t diminish my desire to birth and nurture other creative entities. I feel like I’m doing that through my teaching and writing. Because my focus is on restorative forms of yoga, I feel like my biggest job is to hold a safe and comfortable space for others. I believe there are all kinds of love, nurturing, and support that is needed in this world, and I’m grateful for my abilities to offer what I offer.'

'My hope for future generations of women is that we can find a way to work with each other instead of against each other. Let’s stop competing with each other in all the unhealthy ways. I want women to realize the fullness of their power and strength because once we do we can change the world. May all women everywhere feel safe, nourished, protected, and loved.'