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LUX - Part I

LUX - Part I


She is a woman who cannot be categorised. She is fiercely and unapologetically herself, and her warm nature shines through in everything she does. She lives from a place of utmost authenticity, and this applies to everything she does.

When asked if she had 6 months to live, what would she fill her days with, she told us she would throw away her smart phone, write letters and make phone calls instead, have healthy dinner parties at her house, work more in the garden, have a bath every night, get a cat, hang out with her friends in parks and nature, read books in the afternoon sun, overdose on tea, travel to the desert again, walk for miles and miles, attend dance classes until she dropped, plan, film and create a video artwork of her own approaching death, give up justifying her existence through career and work. 

She's a vibrantly compassionate being, creating very impactful waves of grace and truth within all realms and expressions of her life. She's a real gem this woman. 


'I am. Simply. I believe the second I try to define who I am, I fall prey to that label, that judgement, that limit. I also know inherently that we evolve over time, if we are the kind of humans who are committed to growth - that our own sense of authenticity changes with each deliberate step. I am compelled by personal growth, depth, my own and others’ humanness more than anything and this all needs re-calibration in each present moment.'

'I’m learning to cultivate acceptance for where I am at any given time in my life’s history. As an artist, my position on this planet is not stationary - there will always be another journey to somewhere. I’m always yearning for the next big move or adventure and forget to really ground into where I am in the present moment. So right now - I’m in Sydney and that’s my favourite place to be.'

'I believe my individual calling on this Earth changes with time - but I have found my values do not. I like to work with truth and whether it be through my art, photography or education, I am committed to guiding others to see in another way, hopefully different to the perspectives we’ve all been culturally conditioned to call our own without question. So really it doesn’t matter what you do - it manifests in whatever vehicle that you call work. Yet I find myself enabling the most meaning of life through art as an artist and appreciator. Without creating, making and living art - life would be very difficult for me.'


'My artistic investigation is multi-disciplinary - so I navigate a wide range of media with which to explore, develop and create art. My last exhibition included some 2D foil embossings/prints and large drawings alongside a video of dancers in the dunes. We all do Bodyweather together which is a type of explorative and research based dance which may take direction from the earth’s elements (amongst other things) and those same textures and their vicissitudes within our bodies.'

'I’m primarily visual kinesthetic - but if I’m not physically active - I cannot produce or divine ideas for work. So dance and physical expression whether through fitness or yoga must come first. Writing and travel also help with the genesis of a new body of work. Creativity means that’s I’m also living to my highest potential, yet furthermore when I question everything, for the creative mind is the questioning mind. It’s not satisfied with complacency or formula. Creativity is growth in its basic fundament.'

'Something I wish I could change about the art world is in agency, space and celebration of a woman in her own right as an artist. So much of the art we see in the world’s ’top galleries’ are still by males. Even with all this talk about equality, three decades later, the systemic oppression supersedes the lip service equality gets.'


Where can we find your goodness?

IG: luxeternatv
FB: https://www.facebook.com/luxeterna.tv/


next week on the connection corner, we talk to Lux about what being a woman means to her. stay tuned . . .

LUX - Part II

LUX - Part II