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LUX - Part II

LUX - Part II


Lux Eterna. Woman. Artist. Visionary. Teacher. Earthling. Companion. Lover. Learner. Mover. Creator. 


'What does feminism mean to me? Beyond helping one another and being allies for those experiencing further oppression beyond what are, is the call to listen to yourself first and foremost. That may also mean taking time out, isolating oneself temporarily in nature, flying solo beyond the flashing imagery and pack-mentality of a hyper-sexualised, hyper-successful society, to find out what being a woman, trans, intersex, or man may mean without all this external referencing to validate oneself. It also means making the commitment to having those uncomfortable conversations when oppression (and privilege) show themselves in language, communication, social expectations and relationships. The liberation need not be savage, sometimes those dialogues, need to be firm in conviction, others soft and accepting of the other's journey, of where they are at, with their understanding of such issues. But definitely stepping into one's voice and calling others out in the moment.'

'I am trusting that, once I'm more established as an artist an commercial photographer, I will activate an idea that's been brimming in me conscious for a while, in creating industry mentorships for young women (school/uni level) where they can learn technical skills without the mansplaining, gain confidence working behind the camera, directing productions and to become responsible and active in creative more of the visual media/moving images beyond the world's over-saturated visual currency of the male gaze. I would also like to see families, schools and workplaces begin the shift in their attitudes towards conditioning boys and their fathers, to consider their own vulnerability and in turn their attitudes and beliefs towards women - this will help immensely. If we can open dialogue around this we may be off to a better start in inching closer to the gender gap.' 


'Nature is restorative, rejuvenating and grounding - it really puts everything into perspective and how ridiculous your worries about work/life/relationships really are. Green is also my favourite colour. I draw a lot of inspiration from the natural world - my entire bodies of work which I have been working on as an artist these last two years are taken from nature. The dunes, bones, rocks, the desert.' 


Where can we find your goodness?

IG: luxeternatv
FB: https://www.facebook.com/luxeterna.tv/


One final bit of goodness from Lux to leave you with; when asked what she believes the world needs less of and more of.... 

"I don’t think we need more of anything, except solar panels right now. I feel the word ‘less’ is currently of huge importance and it’s not given the attention it deserves. For example, the sustainability movement started out with ‘reduce’ before recycle and reuse and I don’t really see a lot of reducing - just more alternatives which still tax our earth (in the environmental sense) We don’t need so much, but still we are running around consuming not just edibles and things, but ideas, movements, trends and virtual media like crazy. I live by the ethos: ‘When things aren’t adding up, it’s time to begin subtracting.’ There is a beauty in simplicity, a beauty in slowing down, a beauty in deliberation, not saying yes to everything - taking time back for yourself and a beauty in restoring human connection. We need this. We need to start making and allocating this time for our people and building our local communities and restoring relationships with our families and loved ones. This is where the revolution is going to be - in our own homes."



LUX - Part I

LUX - Part I