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We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.





My name is Lucy and I am an English woman living in Stockholm, Sweden. I recently left my job in fashion to follow my dream of the entrepreneur life, working and supporting women. As we speak I am hustling hard to get everything ready so I can launch my coaching business very soon. I am also studying for my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

I am kind, loyal, loud, loving, funny.


When do you feel the most alive?

I absolutely feel most alive when I am around people. I get so much energy from listening to, communicating with and laughing side by side others. Connecting with people and making them laugh is one of my all time favourite things to do. I can really feel it in my mental health and spirit if I have been deprived of communication and contact. I think thats makes me a classic extrovert in the HR sense of the word!

What (or whom) inspires you?

This is such a hard question to answer succinctly because I am inspired by so many different people from the ones nearest and dearest to me, to The Anti-Diet Project, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, She Thinx, Tony Ray-Jones and Michelle Obama! If I was to define them though I think the things that inspire me the most are determination, passion, integrity and honesty.

What feeds your soul?

My big crazy extended family, I am one of 5 and when we are all together it is so special, so loud and so much fun. My best friends who are the most incredible, strong and beautiful women I know and Swede, without him I would be lost. These people feed my soul more than they know. Also, my grandfather was a jazz musician and listening to his music and the artists he introduced me to makes me so happy on a soul level and soothed.

What is a goal you're currently working on?

I am really working on supporting my anxiety holistically so I have stopped drinking and am deepening my meditation practice. At the end of the month I am learning Vedic Meditation too and I am SO SO excited.



Self-love feels respectful to me, accepting myself unconditionally as I am today and nurturing my mind and body but then, and importantly, putting that to use on a larger scale in the world. It is bigger than just the individual and it has to, it must go further. We must challenge and fight for it on a societal level, for example, it is easier for me to feel self-love because (on the whole) I see myself represented. Are we working collectively to lift and stand up for those who do not see themselves? Ultimately I don’t want to have it when it’s so hard for others to have and feel it too. Self-love is for all folk not just yourself.


If I could snap my fingers and change something about society, it would be diversity, representation and acceptance of all bodies. I truly believe down to my core that celebrating all bodies is a very good thing, especially when it comes to improving people’s self-acceptance by defining a truly diverse idea of beauty. We need to work towards this in society.

I know I have a long way to go too and am very much still learning about how best to stand up for and fight for equality and diversity. I think the most important thing is not to not stay quiet. Listen to what is happening and do not talk over marginalized voices but don’t stay quiet. If you have listened and heard, if there is something you believe in or there’s something you see that is wrong in society start a conversation about it. Stand up for it and defend it wherever you can. You might not get it right every time but then you learn and grow and continue. I am in a very privileged position where I can chose whether or not I stand up for equality but marginalized people do not have the same choice, it is something they face everyday whether they want to or not. I deeply believe we must work collectively to end that.



Being a woman to me means being completely myself and honouring everything that, that entails. The right to be feminine, the loud, the delicate, the strong, the funny, the sensitive, the ambitious, the emotional and the determined. It’s standing up proudly for what I believe in without apology. Its demanding equality in all areas of my life even when it’s not readily available. Its fighting for and expecting better for women. We live in a time where in many ways it is incredible to be a woman, but there is still a long way to go especially for those who have not had the opportunities I have. Being a woman means defending that and expecting more for women everywhere, in all bodies, in all countries and all identifications.   


It means human contact, phone calls, letters, conversations, walks, looking people in the eye and  engaging with others. It means nurturing and supporting the relationships in our lives with our families and in our communities.

I really try to practice connection by staying in contact with and being a kind, loyal and wonderful daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend but... I know I am super slow at replying to messages sometimes! But it’s not just with those close to me, connection also means smiling at people on the street, helping a woman down the stairs with her pram or letting people off the tube before you.


Where can we find your goodness?

instagram : @lucycsiddall

mail : lucycsiddall@gmail.com

website coming soon!



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