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Why She's Cool

She cannot be contained or defined, she is a woman who takes ownership of her divine uniqueness. Shells or labels cannot determine who she is; because she is all things. She can be 3 AM dancing on tables belting out a Stevie Nicks ballad, as much as she is evenings spent at home away from the world looking up cycles of the moon and humming sweet melodies to herself. She is unafraid to express herself in all her ways and forms. She’ll be the first to grab the mic for Thursday night karaoke, but also the first to join you for an entire day of stillness and coffee and endless records on repeat. She is a bold and compassionate female. She is curious and wondrous. Her love for our planet is inspiring and her commitment to healing is enlivening.

Meet Emma …


'My perfect Sunday morning; I wake up naturally to the soft morning light streaming through the trees and lay in bed for a while to ease myself from the dream world to waking. I toss on a record, probably Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan, and put the coffee on. I prepare a warm nourishing breakfast; something like steel cut oats with spiced, stewed fruit and almond milk on top. After eating mindfully, I sit down with my guitar and strum, write and sing until the french press is empty. By now I’m craving movement and flow through my yoga practice, allowing my breath to lead the way.'

On Nature

'Surrounded by trees, my bare feet in the moss, with the sound of water nearby is where I feel most at peace. Something about the way the light looks as it comes through the leaves calms my soul no matter what I have going on. Sitting at the base of a big old tree has never done me wrong.'

'We need to get better at putting the survival and well-being of the Earth before convenience. I’m talking single use coffee cups, plastic bags, bottled water, take out containers, unfortunately the list could go on and on. The land was here long before we arrived, but if we don’t get our shit together, we will destroy it with greed and ignorance.'

On Creative Expression

'I feel like my creative flow is something that shows up and leaves as it pleases. It is brought on by the most simple things; a phrase someone speaks, the way the trees move, a sip of the beer we drank that night months ago. Sometimes it comes like the wind, with no warning, and almost an urgency to express it, because who knows when it may pass.
Expression to me is showing the world what you feel inside, with whatever method applies to the individual. It can be music, physical movement, cooking, writing, fashion, photography, pretty much anything. I believe everything I do, everything everyone does, can be done with creative expression. With the words I sing, the chords I play, how I move my body, the clothes I wear, foods I combine, that’s all expressing and utilizing my creative energy.'

On Yoga

'I grew up dancing, and after realizing that part of my life wasn’t lighting me up anymore, I needed some other way to move my body and express myself. My mom organized a workshop with a friend from One Yoga (thank you Dustin), after attending, I was instantly hooked. Every night after that weekend, I would roll out my mat in my room with the burgundy and gold walls, and for that hour everything that comes with being fourteen and a little bit lost would fall away and make room for new space.'

'How has yoga shaped and altered my life? Oh man, where to begin... I started practicing in early high school, which for me was a very insecure time with a lot of unanswered questions flying around my developing brain. Yoga helped me to love my body, and use it alongside my breath to give me a better sense of who I was and my place in the world, it still does that. It also made me realize that we’re all just beings who have beating hearts, breathing lungs, and contracting muscles, so at the core we really aren’t that different. That realization made me a hell of a lot less judgmental and a lot more accepting of others, and moving forward thankfully that stuck.'

'When I teach I feel a kind of presence I don’t get anywhere else, being out in nature is similar for me, but this is different in a way that’s sort of hard to explain. Once we (the class and I) collectively take our first breath, anything else going on that day and anything to come doesn’t seem so important anymore. For the next hour(ish) all that matters is this group of people, some strangers, some lovers, some long-time homies, moving and breathing together. Often, gratitude will hit me with the force of ocean waves in a storm that I get to be in the position to facilitate this form of connection and healing. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, who you are, or if you drink kombucha or not, yoga is here for you. If you’re really in it, the practice will teach you things about yourself you may not have even wanted to learn- but you’ll be so glad you did.'

On Being A Woman

‘Being a woman to me is having a deep, innate connection to nature, so much so that our bodies are in sync with the moon’s own cycles. Being a woman is to accept the softer, more vulnerable side of strength that is often overlooked. To accept what comes at us with grace, having the grit and fierce determination to defy and blow the minds of those who doubt us.’

Emma’s favourite passage from the book ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’ :

We are born and reborn night after night from this same wild dream, and we return to daylight grasping a coarse hair, the soles of our feet black with damp earth, our hair smelling like ocean, or forest or cook fire. It is from that land that we step into our day clothes, our day lives. We travel from that wildish place in order to sit before the computer, in front of the cook pot, before the window, in front of the teacher, the book, the customer. We breathe the wild into our corporate work, our business creations, our decisions, our art, the work of our hands and hearts, our politics, spirituality, plans, home life, education, industry, foreign affairs, freedoms, rights, and duties. The wild feminine is not only sustainable in all worlds; it sustains all worlds.

On Connection

‘Connection is making eye contact with the person behind you in line for coffee and not looking away instantly. It’s laughing ‘till you cry with someone you’ve just met, or have known as long as you can remember. Connection is learning something from truly listening to someone’s views that are opposite to your own. That feeling that makes your heart beat a little faster (in the best way) without words. I practice connection by being as authentic and open as possible. When putting up a front, or holding back, I feel like that deep, soul to soul connection is hard to find.’

Where can we find your goodness?

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