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We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.





I am a meditation teacher, yogi, travel lover + foodie. I am obsessed with ALL things wellness. I love to dance, chant, eat nourishing foods + explore this beautiful earth. I also co-founded and own a wellness cafe, Thrive Juice Co., and have a deep seated passion for helping others create an elevated life.

 I am ... Feminine. Loving. Playful. Big-Hearted. Spontaneous.

What feeds your soul?
sitting in stillness. connecting with the divine. light sourcing. nourishing foods. my lover. my teachers. exploring new places. dreaming. inspiring + uplifting others. spending time in nature.


I got into meditation 7-8 years ago when I was struggling with an eating disorder. I joined a small community meditation group, and we’d meet once a week for a few months. No one ever told me I should meditate, or suggested I go.... I was just called to sign up. For whatever reason, I knew meditation would play an integral role in my healing journey. Around that time, I was also constantly signing up for Deepak Chopra’s guided meditation challenges (“back then” the abundance of apps, guided meditations on youtube or teachers weren’t available like they are now!) whenever they were available or offered. A daily guided meditation was sent out via email that I would follow along with. I practiced meditation on and off for years, and wasn’t all that dedicated, but would always turn to it when I needed it. My discipline took years to develop, and only in the past year have I developed a daily practice.

In 2015 my whole world fell apart and I turned to meditation out of necessity. It was always something I turned to when I was in need, and I realized that maybe if i began practicing more regularly, I could break some of these patterns that were creating the same situation or relationship in my life over and over again. So when life brought me to my knees in 2015, it was something I needed just to get through the day, the hour, the minute. I would say that this time in my life was when I experienced one of those “dark night of the soul” moments. I literally surrendered to the universe and asked, “what will you have me do?”... and the answer was clear. Commit to meditating every day and things will unfold for you.

So I began meditating every day. It wasn’t a fancy practice… often only 5 minutes. But I sat in stillness every day. Eventually I felt ready to dive deeper into this practice. I met the lovely Robindra & Myrah (founders of Bloom Festival : http://www.itstimetobloom.com/ ), and saw that many of the talks and workshop available that year were Meditation based, so I signed up for ALL of them. It was there that I met my teacher, and a month later, I drove to Edmonton for her Teacher Training.

I’ve been hooked ever since.


Just like anyone… I struggle with quieting the mind. I started meditating because I have such a monkey (or busy) mind. I can often feel mind clutter or brain fog, and that’s when I know I need to meditate. I also struggle with sitting down to meditate when I don’t feel like doing so or don’t feel that I have time… but this is usually when it is most important to show up - even if it’s just sitting for 5 minutes, or 10 deep breaths. We begin to trust ourselves more when we do the things we say we are going to do. The more we show up for ourselves, the more we are able to show up for others (and the ones we love). When we show up for ourselves, we are also showing the universe that we are devoted & ready for more… and this is when it really starts to deliver!

What advice would you offer to a beginner who isn't sure where to start?

Email me! I am always happy to provide suggestions, books, apps + other resources to you!

A great practice that I think is a good place to start is simply being present in whatever it is you are doing. Most of the time our thoughts exist in the past or future, often occupied worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Just notice as many times as possible throughout the day when your mind is not in the present moment.

As soon as you realize you are not in the present moment, simply bring your attention or awareness to your breath or your body (because these exist in the present moment only!). Drop into your body’s sensations as often as possible. REALLY taste your food, REALLY listen to your lover speaking to you, REALLY feel the rain fall on your face. It’s sooo simple, yet our minds are so busy that we rarely live our life in the present moment.

I often suggest choosing one mundane task to focus on each day (for example… washing your hands). Instead of allowing your thoughts to slip into past or future chatter… bring it into the present moment. Drop your attention into your body and your senses. Feel the water run over your hands and the soap between your palms. Listen to the running water. Just be present with whatever task is right in front of you, as mundane as it may be. When you infuse any action with breath & intention, it becomes sacred - it becomes a prayer. One of my teachers even goes as far to say when you are washing the toilet, do it as though you are washing the face of god. Make it sacred.

Another simple exercise and good place to start is with 10 perfect breaths. As soon as you wake up in the morning, sit up in bed and take 10 long deep breaths. Follow your breath for the full duration of the inhale and the full duration of the exhale. If your mind wanders, simply and gently bring your attention back to the breath.



We encourage you, our reader, to journal these soul prompt questions and hold space to have deeper + more connected conversations with self.

What is something you've had to unlearn in order to move forward?

I’ve really had to learn how to say no, how to stop people pleasing and how to speak up for myself. Saying no makes room for yes. Setting boundaries is important. Sometimes it takes someone completely taking advantage of you for you to realize you’ve lost your power.

What are you doing to be present and intentional in your personal journey?
I stop to breathe consciously every day. Even if it’s one deep breath. When I breathe deeply, I give others permission to do so as well. When we connect with breath, we are in turn tapping into the present moment.

I am a lot more intentional with whom and what I share my time + energy with. I use to give my energy away so much that I was left empty. I don’t do that anymore.

When going through transitions/change in life, how do you practice coming back home to self?
Breath is everything (there is a reason that when you are having a panic attack or are in labor, they tell you to breath). Connecting to breath. Prayer. Asking for help.


Life is filled with ebbs + flows - share your thoughts on how we can get through difficult times, and rise above to become even better versions of ourselves.

  • Share + express -- but only to your innermost circle (family, best friend, therapist, healer). Don’t keep reliving the story by telling it over and over again -- express it, process it, release it. The more we re-tell the same story, the more energy we are giving it.

  • Ask for help -- this was hard for me, but I’ve learned that we are not alone in our pain + suffering. Every single one of us has felt hurt + pain at one point in our life. It is universal. We are here to help one another move through the tough times. Lean on others for help. Reach out. People WANT to help you.

  • Develop some type of introspective practice -- meditation, journaling, yoga

  • Move your body -- our issues are stored in our tissues.

  • Release emotions in safe ways -- don’t hold the anger or resentment in your body -- release, release, release.

  • Go see a therapist, healer, guide and/or coach -- I know this may not be in everyone's financial means, but this was a game changer for me! When I started to see an energy worker, I was able to release so much hurt that was stored in my body.



What does being a woman mean to you?
Feeling sexy.

We need to start loving ourselves. Guru Jagat said it best… “Self conscious women raise self conscious children”. We can change a whole generation, and therefore the future, by loving ourselves. We need to drop the negative self talk and negative beliefs we hold about ourselves.

This (in my opinion) should be our biggest focus. To love, embody and empower ourselves.



What does connection mean to you?
Communion. Oneness. Unconditional Love.

How do you practice connection?
Presence. Breath. Embodiment.

Where can we find your goodness?

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