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My name is Asha Diaz but most people know me as Asha Wadada, and I’m the younger half (by 8 minutes) of an identical twin. I studied Aviation but as Life has it I became a fashion designer and co-owner of a successful clothing brand called Wadada Movement. I live the Rastafari lifestyle and have been for the past 11 years. I try not to be attached to my hair, but it is definitely a huge part of who I am. I’m one of those vegetarians who wants to be vegan, but can’t let go of cheese. Pizza Is Life!! I’m also one that thinks reggae music, marijuana and a whole lot of Love can change the world positively!


My twin, Ayanna and I are both solid advocates of reggae music. We both believe that through the music a positive change can be made in the society, by uniting all races, classes and religions. Every few months we host a reggae event, called Dubwise Trinidad. It originally started in Kingston Jamaica and now has been hosted all over the world, by like minded people. With Miami and Trinidad being the two consistent locations. These events create a safe space where anyone can come and enjoy a good vibe and feel as if they are apart of a community. The event is also a platform for upcoming and established reggae artist to showcase their talent in a more personal matter. It’s a space created without judgement and criticism, so no one feels like an outsider.


I only got into yoga because I had a persistent lower back pain about 9 years ago, when I lived in the UK and for a while it was literally only a form of stretching for my back. Not until I moved back to Trinidad and started practicing with Troy Hadeed is when I can truly say the ‘journey’ began. And the journey hasn’t stopped since. I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times over the years, but for the last 4 or so years,  I really feel what yoga is doing for me and that’s when I genuinely started wanting to deepen my practice and became a lot more curious about the life and the essence of what Yoga really is about.

My practice makes me not lose my shit as much. I still lose it, but through yoga I’m more aware of how my actions and reactions affect not only the people around me, but how it affects me! The breathe, the slow movements, the connection created to the mind, it’s something special, something I find hard to put words too. It’s almost like unconsciously medicating yourself for an illness you didn't know you had. I just feel good. And when I get that good feeling, I don’t want to lose it so I try to stay in that ‘positive free spirited share love be love’ mind frame and try to keep that good energy flowing off my mat (key word here is TRY .. lol). But more so, I use my practice as a form of prayer. Every asana and every flow is physical devotion to The Most High. So through my practice I come closer to, the God of my own understanding, Jah. So that connection and the motivation to keep that good feeling alive, transfers into a lifestyle.

Right now at this present moment, my practice is teaching me that I know nothing about my practice!! After completely Level 2 teacher’s training, I came home and felt absolutely lost in my own practice and felt if I needed to re-evaluate myself as a yoga student and what I really wanted. So that’s where I am at. Re-discovering my practice and re-learning the asanas, leaving behind all the extraness I don’t need. It’s really an eye opener about Life on the whole, sometimes we just need to hit the reset button and unlearn the things we have learned and grown comfortable with to keep moving forward.
When we get comfortable we stop growing and we never want to stop growing.


'Wadada’ is the Amharic word for ‘love’. Wadada Movement is not only a clothing brand for females, but it’s also a Lifestyle my twin sister and I try to promote. It’s about being confident as women and especially as women who may not necessarily fit into the stereotype society has created. Wadada as a brand focuses on collections of conservatively fashionable clothing with each piece designed to accentuate the female’s natural beauty and confidence. Wadada believes all women are Queens and should carry themselves like such.

What is working alongside your twin sister like? Hahaha ... It’s better than working for a stranger, I can tell you that for sure. But we balance off the brand, we argue as well, but mostly we keep a balance. Sometimes, my imagination will run wild, she’s there to keep the focus and vice versa. It also works because we have such different but the same kind of personality (weird .. but just go with me), it keeps a nice balanced diversity within the brand. I tend to be a bit more boho and my twin is a little more militant, so that combined gives us a nice mix of structure and freedom, you know?!?!?



Being a woman means strength. Women are the strongest creatures on this earth and most of us don’t even know our power! Being a women is a gift, we were blessed with the power to create Life, that alone shows the strength of a woman. Being a woman means being a teacher, a leader and facilitator. It means being able to share a certain types of captivating energy and mesmerizing energy, only a woman can expel. Being a woman is magic.

Women in my life I admire - my Mother. Mostly for putting up with my twin and I for the last 30 something years. LOL. But I’ve seen her go through things that would have broken other women, but she kept her head up and kept moving forward. Other than her, I admire ANY woman that is confident and strong and willing to stand for something and not afraid to be themselves.

I hope for our future generations is that each and every single girl grows up knowing her worth, her power and her strength! I hope that they are conscious of the world around them and they not only know what Love is .. but truly feel the Power of Love.


Connection is the energy created between anything really. A person. A place or even a thing …. It’s a level of relation. Could be good. Could be bad, it’s the link between each. Practicing connection is simple. I stay awake. I live in the present. And I stay true to myself (or at least I try).

Where can we find you and your goodness?

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