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We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.




She is inspiring as hell in her authenticity. Her heart is as deep and vast as the ocean. She lives and breathes her passions, and works effortlessly and with so much grace, to bring forth endless goodness to our world. Being in a room with her is electric, her energy is vibrant and like no other. She is warm and inviting, strong and steadfast. She reminds us that feeling and experiencing and breaking and rebuilding is all a part of the human experience. She’s got the dopest playlists, always. Her laugh could move mountains with it’s beauty. Powerful and precious truth falls from her lips … it oozes from her pores. She’s the real fucking deal this woman.
Meet Ally Maz … 


'I was 24 years old and still struggling with hating my body, not feeling good enough and pushing myself way too hard. I wanted to go back to the root of where these patterns had started for me. I had been teaching yoga for a few years and it just came to me one night. I was sick of teaching a million public yoga classes a week, I wanted to do something with a greater impact and I want to heal my teenage self, so Girlvana was born.’

Girlvana is a global movement that gets teen girls connected to discovering and loving themselves through yoga and meditation. I want Girlvana to always feel like the cool older sister that listens, gives advice and shows girls the way. Watching teen girls come alive and embodied through yoga has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.’


‘To me, authenticity feels like a cross section between rawness and generosity. Living an authentic life means that I live a life of my own creation and is in service of others. As humans, we can become more authentic with one another by telling your story and just be real about your human experience.This is a nice launch pad for us all to connect on a deeper level. When we get real, we feel less alone.'

‘The more honest I can be, the more permission I can give to others. Try it with people. Give people an access point in which they can be real and true with you, I promise it will change the nature of your relationships.’


currently obsessing over :

1. Juke Jam- Chance The Rapper ft. Justin Bieber- Chance is my favourite hip hop artist right now. He is an activist, a poet and really gives a shit about youth. I have a lot of respect for him and I love the mellow nature of this song. 

2. 33 “GOD”- off the new Bon Iver album. No one sounds like him, he is truly an original. This whole album is a lot less sad than his usual stuff. There is more shouting, it feels more alive like he’s moved through some heavier stuff. I’m super into it. 

3. Seigfried- Frank Ocean- This whole album tho! This song is so real. I always get something new from it whenever I hear it. For example: 

I couldn’t gauge your fears
I can’t relate to my peers
I’d rather live outside
I’d rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here
Maybe I’m a fool
Maybe I should move
And settle, two kids and a swimming pool

Too real!!!!! For me anyways..

4. Figures- Jesse Reyez. This girl can fucking sing and is also Canadian. I love the rawness of her voice. Do yourself a favor and watch the video too. 

5. Say It- Flume ft Tove Lo- this is just a fun song that reminds me of being in Nicaragua this summer on a catamaran having the best day ever. It has a way of transporting me right back to a moment in time where I felt 100% completely free. If I’m having a bad day, I put it on and pretend I’m on a boat with amazing people with the ocean whizzing beneath me.


‘I want young women to find their voice, to trust their gut and be lead by their hearts. I want them to know that they matter and that the world needs them to live in their uniqueness. If I had to give advice to my 16 year old self, I would tell her: ‘Your sensitivity is your superpower and your dreams are fucking real. Don’t let any boy or man define you. No validation from the opposite sex will ever feel as powerful as loving yourself.’ 

‘Being a woman means embracing all aspects of femininity.  Bold, assertive, wild and also soft, fluid and sensual. We are not one dimensional, we are so many things! To me being a woman is art. You can’t define it or totally know it. Society tells us to colour inside the lines but most days I just want to throw paint on a canvas and get messy. We have never been linear. We are cyclical beings but have never been given permission to show up in our fullness. It terrifies people. I say fuck that, get your hands dirty and be fully expressed, fully alive. Go out and make mistakes, let life happen to you. Learn, hit your knees, dance, cry, shout, be a poem.’


‘On a personal level - connection to self means coming home. With others it means I recognize oneness and remember that I am not alone. How I practice connection? Personally, I check in throughout the day. How am I? What do I need? I am seated in my heart or have I crawled back upstairs into my head and started to doubt, fear or create conflict?  I come back to myself and connect through breath.’

‘With others, I love eye contact.’

Where can we find your goodness?





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