About us




Hi. I’m Alice.

One extremely hot day back in 2016, when I was at an all time low of feeling like my general contribution to the world/society/anything meaningful was minimal, Molly and I created The Connection Corner.

I was (am?) a slightly nervous, flaky millennial with overactive tear ducts and a brain filled with self-doubt. This is the space The Connection Corner was born from. Fast-forward a few years and The Connection Corner has bloomed into a beautiful community, with a collective of amazing people that come together to share stories and connect. Luckily, I too have grown as The Connection Corner has grown. I teach, create, swim, eat, meditate, and play.  

I still see this platform as a way for people to share REAL stories, but I now see it as so much more. We’ve created a cool as fuck Instagram feed, an event, a website, and soon a podcast. I am so god damn proud of us. Sharing stories and connecting with people is what drives me. Making sure that the people around me feel seen and heard is just so important.

It's easy to forget that our validation and self-worth isn’t dependent on likes and shares and posts. It’s all bullshit. What matters are the stories we tell each other, the friendships we hold close, and the way we treat ourselves.




Hi. I'm Molly. 

I'm into a lot of things, so it's hard to only name a few. But whatevs, here goes. 

First off, I'm really into humans. I love hearing their stories and am instantly drawn to someone when they are unapologetically themselves - unwaveringly authentic and true to who they are. And to me, sharing pieces of yourself not only comes in verbal form. Your story is the way you live. The books you read, the way you take your coffee, what you create with your own two hands, what songs you listen to on a Friday night when you're having a solo dance party in your living room. 

I love people so much, I often find myself slipping into window seats at cafes just so I can sip my morning brew and people watch. I catch myself looking at strangers and instantly being filled with wonder. How many times have they had their heart broken? What makes them laugh the hardest? Do they enjoy growing flowers and do they meticulously color group their M&M's before eating them? 

I live for connection. It's the guiding force of everything I do. Am I truly seeing this person as they are in this moment/am I intentionally listening to what they are sharing/can they feel my presence ... these are questions I am consistently checking in with myself. We can't lose the art of connecting, of tuning into one another and sharing pieces of our souls. The world needs you to be you. That's what we want this space to be - a landing pad for realness. The Connection Corner is for all of us. It's a place to share, to laugh, to get real, to empower, to relate, and to connect.

Come crush some donuts with me and my homie for life, Alice. We'll totally share.