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Alice Lawler

Director, Co-Creator of The Connection Corner

Alice is a school teacher turned freelance web designer & copywriter. She is passionate about good food, yoga, watching Broad City and her nephew. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her husband.

You can also find Alice over at The Lawlers & The Paper Fox

‘Sharing stories and connecting with people is what drives me. Making sure that the people around me feel seen and heard is just so important. It’s easy to forget that our validation and self-worth isn’t dependent on likes and shares and posts. It’s all bullshit. What matters are the stories we tell each other, the friendships we hold close, and the way we treat ourselves.’

Molly Schikosky

Director, Co-Creator of The Connection Corner

Molly is a photographer based in Saskatoon, Canada, but her love of travel takes her all over the world. Molly is a yoga teacher for teen girls (https://www.girlvanayoga.com/), passionate about empowering our next generation. She’s all about authentic conversation, good coffee, and spontaneous dance parties.

You can find Molly’s work here : Molly Schikosky Photography

‘I live for connection — it’s the guiding force of everything I do. The Connection Corner is for all of us. It’s a place to share, to learn, to empower, to laugh, to get vulnerable, and to connect.’

Alice & Molly met in Sydney, Australia in 2014. They bonded over a fairly unfortunate night out in Byron Bay, and have been best friends ever since. Laughing, creating & learning together, always.