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Being a woman means being a teacher, a leader and facilitator. It means being able to share a certain types of captivating energy and mesmerizing energy, only a woman can expel. Being a woman is magic.


I have a slight addiction to buying books, but I never feel guilty about it. Every time I see them I remember the adventures I embarked on (almost like looking at travel photos). The space they occupy on my shelves seems infinite, as if they are little tiny universes that you just have to open.


I am Kathleen but more broadly, I am life. And life is not, and cannot ever be crystallised into one distinct thing. I am early mornings with tea and jazz as much as I am late nights with bourbon and howls.


Writing is my escape from the wicked yet yummy realities of being a human. To me, being creative means altering our perspective. Being creative means to step outside the box.


'My hope for future generations of women is that we can find a way to work with each other instead of against each other. Let’s stop competing with each other in all the unhealthy ways. I want women to realize the fullness of their power and strength because once we do we can change the world. May all women everywhere feel safe, nourished, protected, and loved.'