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Being a woman means being a teacher, a leader and facilitator. It means being able to share a certain types of captivating energy and mesmerizing energy, only a woman can expel. Being a woman is magic.


I have a slight addiction to buying books, but I never feel guilty about it. Every time I see them I remember the adventures I embarked on (almost like looking at travel photos). The space they occupy on my shelves seems infinite, as if they are little tiny universes that you just have to open.


Being a woman is to accept the softer, more vulnerable side of strength that is often overlooked. To accept what comes at us with grace, having the grit and fierce determination to defy and blow the minds of those who doubt us


Writing is my escape from the wicked yet yummy realities of being a human. To me, being creative means altering our perspective. Being creative means to step outside the box.


'My hope for future generations of women is that we can find a way to work with each other instead of against each other. Let’s stop competing with each other in all the unhealthy ways. I want women to realize the fullness of their power and strength because once we do we can change the world. May all women everywhere feel safe, nourished, protected, and loved.'

LUX - Part II

'There is a beauty in simplicity, a beauty in slowing down, a beauty in deliberation, not saying yes to everything - taking time back for yourself and a beauty in restoring human connection.'


"Being in love is the most beautiful experience in life. To me, it means liberation, fearlessness, joy and hope. And it feels so very blissful."