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woman. mother. PHOTOGRAPHER. ARTIST. 



"It’s like being reborn."


This word to me, represents the responsibility of nurturing, and loving another being.

What was your life like before motherhood? And in what way has it most drastically changed?
I was very easy-going. I lived with a lot of spontaneity. I could be self-indulgent with my art. Freedom is what has changed the most in my life, the lack of it.

What do you wish someone would have told you about motherhood, before you became a mother?
To be easy on yourself. Motherhood is hard, but you’re allowed to give yourself a break and to know at the end of the day, you did your best.  Don’t feel guilty to take the time to do things that make you feel fully alive. Your children will get to grow next to a woman with a fully alive heart and soul.


How did motherhood impact your career?
Motherhood is all-encompassing. I think it lead me to become a smarter and better human being. That affected my art. I look for joy, intimacy and love in the stories I tell for my clients. Because I have limited time, I find it pushes me to create whenever I can, whether I’m feeling inspired or not. I treasure the time I have to create, it makes me a healthier person and that’s good for my kids.

What is the most challenging part of motherhood?
Raising little kids is gruelling. Its 24/7 and there's a shortage of adult communication. You don't get to use the bathroom by yourself ( TMI ) and the lack of freedom. You are tethered to the needs of your little ones. As much as I love it, admitting it is hard and not always pleasant is freeing.

What is the most rewarding part of motherhood?
Being able to focus on these little souls. Guiding them on their journey, makes me aware of having to rely on grace and be my best self. That I will make mistakes, but I can use that to grow personally and that will enrich my girls lives. It’s like being reborn.



Raising Daughters

"What we are teaches the child more than what we say, so we must be what we want our children to become.”

In times like today where women’s voices are being heard more than ever, how is that impacting the way you raise your daughters?
These little ones are our future, so having them engaged in conversation early on is important. Surrounding them with a supportive community is also key, role models that inspire them. I love the quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce “What we are teaches the child more than what we say, so we must be what we want our children to become.” If your children see their mother going to work or making her art, it’s going to encourage them to do the same. My husband and I have a partnership that strives to support each other’s goals and dreams, and this is a great example of what a family can look like.

What core values do you want to teach your daughters?
To live wholeheartedly. To have a deep sense of love and compassion for themselves, this will translate to how they treat and interact with the world around them.



Creative Living

"It doesn’t matter if it is good or not, just that you made something is what is important."


I have the goal for 2018 of making a photograph outside of work ( client ) everyday. This has allowed me to create daily, even when I’m not in the mood. It forces me to pick up my camera and create, and because of that I have beautiful images that I most likely would have not made.

What is the intention or purpose behind it, for you?
The project has allowed me to slow down and enjoy my children, to look for the magic in the mundane day to day things. I get to use my passion daily to record the beauty that is in my life. It’s also given me the opportunity to be in the frame with my kids, so they get to have images of them with me, and that’s a gift to myself and to them.

Has it been easy or hard ? What’s come up so far for you?
Some days it’s really easy, other days I have to push myself, and often on those days, those are the images that I create that I love the most.


When do you feel the most creative / expansive / free?
I think that in motherhood I have lost the freedom to create when inspired, so for me I have learned to create when I have the time. I have to set an intention, and follow through with the time that I have. Making time to create is freedom.

What’s your advice to other artists, for when you fall into a ‘creative rut’? We acknowledge that one thing doesn’t work for every person, but what is something(s) you practice?
Create whether you “feel” like it or not. It’s a habit. It doesn’t matter if it is good or not, just that you made something is what is important.

If we can make each other see something deeper through our art, choosing to show our truths, our depths, rather then the perfectly edited; we can create a culture of substance. Human imperfection that’s perfectly imperfect.


I feel like living wholeheartedly anchors you in connection. If I can be open to love and acceptance of myself, I will be a better person and parent.