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Alice's mama bird Alanna.


Why she's cool:

She's funny, relaxed and supportive. I think she is everything you could want in a mother. She helps me, annoys me, and encourages me. She swears, laughs, swims, and loves growing bamboo probably more than she loves her daughters. She tells me to not give a fuck when I'm majorly pissed at life. 

When I was a kid mum had a pottery wheel at home and would come to pick us up from school covered in clay, wearing hiking boots and cargo shorts that had 45 pockets. She also had a shaved head. Apparently I asked her to 'be like the other mums and wear high heels when you pick me up'. Shut up Alice. Now I am forever thankful that she was who she was, which made me who I am. 




'I knew I wanted to be a mother when my dog died. Lol not really. It was a natural progression from being a teenager to getting married to being a mother. I was very excited about it. It was something to share with your dad and another thing to experience together and I love babies. The worry was the hardest part about being a mother. The constant worry about whether they're happy and their lives are going to be what they want them to be. Also feeling responsible that maybe you didn't give them the best opportunities to make them feel fulfilled. All you can do is your best and ultimately their life is theirs. You can't control that. Give them opportunities and teach them the difference between right and wrong and let them be who they are.' 



'You have exactly the same love for your grandchildren as you do for your children, except no responsibilities or pressure. It's better than being a mum. You're older and wiser, which allows you to really sit back and enjoy it.'



'I've been married twice. The first time I learnt to not marry a dingus. Then I learnt to marry your best friend. I got married twice because I fell in love. Obvi. And I could see us growing old together. Even though we're already old'.



'I don't really understand them. But whatever. Does that matter?'