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The Indelible Marks of a Bleeder by Leah Sookoo

“It was a hot day and we drove with the windows down. Sudbury to Regina was a long few days, and I was squeezed in a parent sandwich in this weird front middle seat. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car. I remember the baby blue shorts I was wearing complete with a black strap belt, exposing my upper thigh which was glued to the leather. I finally peeled myself away into the open air, standing beside the door. That’s when my suspicions had been confirmed.”

Let's Talk Periods

We prompted our instagram community on IG stories to see if they had any questions about menstrual cups and/or menstrual underwear, as both Molly and Alice have been long time lovers of those good good period pal products. And ooooh baby, the conversations came rolling in!