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Let's Talk Periods

Let's Talk Periods

We prompted our instagram community on IG stories to see if they had any questions about menstrual cups and/or menstrual underwear, as both Molly and Alice have been long time lovers of those good good period pal products. And ooooh baby, the conversations came rolling in! We got some great Q’s back, Molly answered on IG and it’ll live on our instagram highlights under ‘PERIOD TALK’ if you want to check it all out!

These are the main questions Molly went through, and as always, let us know what you loved, what you learned, and what you want to see more of!


Q : What menstrual cup do you use?
M : I used to use the Diva Cup, but after about a year of using it, I noticed it wouldn’t fully catch all the blood and I’d have some blood in my underwear. That isn’t the case for everyone, some folks swear by Diva Cup and really dig it! I switched over to Dot Cup about 4 months ago, and LOVE it! It has a longer stem at the bottom (easier to grab out), it’s black (so you can’t see the blood stains after time), and it fits way better and is more comfortable for me and my body. I also LOVE that Dot Cup has a ‘buy one give one’ method for every purchase.

Q : How do you wash the cup?
M : When you’re bleeding, you wash your hands, dump the blood in the sink, give it a rinse in warm water and pop it back in. At the end of your cycle, give it a thorough wash by putting it in boiling water for 5 minutes, let it cool, and pop back into its pouch for next months use.

Q : How long have you been using a menstrual cup?
M : I believe 3 years! The first time I used my Diva Cup I was in Hawaii, hiking and swimming all day, and I didn’t even realize I had it in all day! That was a game changer for me, I was hooked. It’s also incredibly more environmentally friendly than tampons or pads, so that was a big heck yes.

Q : Is it awkward dumping/cleaning the cup in public spaces?
M : The nice thing about a menstrual cup is that you can have it in longer than a tampon or pad in my experience. I have a heavier period day 1 and day 2, so if I were to use a tampon I would have to change it approximately every 3 hours. With a cup I change it about every 5 hours on heavy days, then overnight and on light days I can go up to 8-9 hours! In public spaces for changing your cup, this is my trick : I’ll try and find a ‘family bathroom’ or private bathroom and go about business as usual. If I am using public stall toilets, I wash my hands then go into the stall and just empty it into the toilet and take some toilet paper to get the excess blood off, and reinsert!

Q : Do you ever find it awkward putting the cup in, or is it ever hard to insert?
M : I don’t hear this being said enough — but my best piece of advice for getting your cup in properly and comfortably, is to RELAX YOUR PELVIC FLOOR! You gotta! When you insert it and it’s folded, you release the fold of the cup and the suction automatically will happen. While I am letting that fold go, I relax my pelvic floor a lot and the vaginal muscles allow the cup to find it’s spot much easier. I give it a few twists around the base, and it’s golden! That might just be me and my body, but if you’re struggling and haven’t tried that, give it a go!

dot cup with pouch and case


Q : What’s your experience with Thinx?
M : So good! They have been a game changer when it comes to my period. Having your period can be stressful, the looming thought of ‘am I going to stand up and will there be blood on my pants or the seat!?’, having that constant worry is hard. Thinx eliminates that background thinking, and that is GOLD to me!

Q : What’s your advice for ordering Thinx?
M : I initially fucked up on my first order. I got one pair because I was a bit iffy about the price and didn’t have many people around me telling me their personal experience at that time. I still have the pair I first bought (‘the hip hugger’), but seriously - order the 3 pack (you can customize which three you want!). That’s the smart way to do it! Why? Because you want to be rotating the underwear throughout your period. Example : Day 1 - heavy day, have a pair throughout the day (maybe for some people two pairs throughout the day), then you need a clean pair for overnight. While the overnight pair is working it’s magic on you, you’re going to want to have your pair from the day before on the line drying! Then, in the morning, you have fresh pairs again and the rotation continues. I have a Thinx thong as well and it’s great for the last light day or during a yoga class. I wear my Dot Cup with my Thinx for double the protection and ease!

Q: How do you wash them?
M : They need to be line dried, hence why having a few pairs is key. Give them a thorough rinse in the sink and squeeze out the blood. Then chuck them in the washing machine and hang to dry! They can be thrown in with other blacks for a load of laundry, and if you’re in an absolute pinch and need them ASAP, I don’t think the dryer would hurt toooo much. (I’ve done it, they still stand).

Q : Does it feel like you’re sitting in your blood?
M : No. I say that because I use my cup while also using my Thinx, so that’s how I personally feel. You know when it’s time to change them - it feels a bit weighted, but not like a pad! Thinx are genuinely so comfortable and look like normal underwear. If you use a tampon and have a heavier flow - have that in while also wearing your Thinx for that back up protection! It’s a win win.

Q : Real talk the scent situation.
M : Alice and I both agree, they aren’t 100% scent free. Some people say there is no smell at all that comes from them, but for us personally we have noticed that it’s not completely scent free. It just smells a bit like blood, not really like a pad or tampon, but there is a bit of a scent when you’re sitting on the toilet and they are in direct line to your nasal passages #realtalk. Someone isn’t going to smell you across the room, and they do have an odour barrier, so we still stand by them and love them!

Q : Are they worth the money?
M : For me, yes. I don’t have to walk around hella stressed that I might bleed through my pants or onto something, or through the sheets at night, and that is a game changer for me. They also last a long time! I have put money towards pairs via events where they purchase underwear for people who bleed who are homeless, or in countries where people are kept from attending school simply because of their period. So when I look at the big picture, I get to have a much more comfortable bleeding experience, and I can put my money toward a company who is supporting global change.

As you can tell, we are passionate about periods. If you have further questions, DM us or leave a comment below! And as always, let us know what you loved, what you learned, and what you want to see more of.

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