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Womxn - Why We Use Inclusive Language

Womxn - Why We Use Inclusive Language

Why do you write women with an X?

We’re no strangers to this question, and we thought the answer was important enough to warrant its very own journal article.

When we first began The Connection Corner, we had a strong focus on connecting women. Connecting women to themselves, to each other and to the world around them. Over time, we began to receive some pretty valuable and extremely welcome feedback. We started to hear things like ‘Are you including trans women in your conversations?’, and ‘What about non-binary people? Do they get a mention on your platform?’

We realised pretty quickly that we were 100% missing the mark. Yes, we were celebrating women, but our platform wasn’t fully inclusive, and our language wasn’t fully inclusive either. We did a lot of reading, constantly educating ourselves and decided that using the word womxn was far more appropriate for us and our platform. The word womxn represents any person that identifies with being on the female spectrum, regardless of their gender assigned at birth. We want to welcome all womxn to our platform, and let our language be a reflection of our inclusivity.


It’s all well and good to make a choice to use inclusive language, but we were very aware of sounding inclusive, while not actually being inclusive. Therefore we’re consciously and intentionally moving toward being a far more inclusive platform, representing, highlighting and celebrating womxn of all experiences. You’ll be seeing and hearing from more trans womxn, disabled womxn, non binary womxn, womxn of colour.


womxn is pronounced women or woman depending on context

Here are some articles for further reading. Education is important.

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If you have any articles on this topic you think are worthy of a read, let us know! DM us on instagram or comment below!


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