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What’s Your #BoobTruth?

What’s Your #BoobTruth?

a video series by lululemon

Any sort of #realtalk, and we are down. When lululemon released their latest IGTV series, we were so in. Whether you have boobs, admire boobs, have a complicated relationship with boobs, or just want to learn a bit more about them and hear some refreshing realness - you’re in the right place.

“Boob Truth Tuesdays—you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may just laugh cry. Nipple hair, squirting breastmilk, boob health, period boobs, boob jobs—we’re going there.”

lululemon presents ‘Boob Truths’
7 conversations about the profound, hilarious, hairy, weird, and wonderful.

Her boobs are magical. @stephanie.miranda.jhala , founder of @amothersmovement talks breastfeeding, boob reductions, and more.

@ariscestocrat, transgender supermodel and comedian, talks rogue boobs and birthday boobs.

Her relationship with her boobs is complicated. @acampoverdi, former White House aide and the founder of @wellwomanhealth talks breast cancer, the BRCA gene mutation, and why we should all be the CEOs of our own bodies.

two women sitting in chairs dancing with sports bras and high waist pants on.

Let the global convo about nipple hair begin. @thetheresawilliams and @corinnawilliams lululemon ambassadors, and owners of @celsious_social laundromat are getting real on all things boobs (and nipples).

@allymaz, lululemon global yoga ambassador and founder of @girlvanayoga, questions why boobs “mean” what they mean and talks period boobs. Anyone else feel the period boob pain?

Big boob energy, it’s a thing. @sanchezsays, fashion aficionado and founder of @santaisla shares the story of getting boobs...twice.

Boobs, they are a changing. Director of Whitespace Innovation, @cmurnaghanshares what she’s learned about boobs—both personally and professionally, and about her Vice President of the Itty-Bitty-Titty Committee nomination.

“We go and we have these images of what we should look like, so we go in search of an image, but because we’ve been so oversexualized that a bra needs to be like this pfft, lace, you know? It’s like mumbo jumbo. What do you feel? If it feels good go for it. Because if you feel good, you’re going to look good.”

Jess Sanchez

What’s your #boobtruth?

Cowboy Killers by Grace Walshe

Cowboy Killers by Grace Walshe

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