Creative Resilience by ya:z

Being harassed or humiliated for my skin and hair texture is now normal for me. Having my competence challenged because of my skin and hair texture is normal for me. Being seen as a dangerous person or a natural-born thief (at night or in the daytime) because of my skin and hair texture is normal for me.

Hey Canada - Get Out and Vote

If you’re a Canadian citizen, you’re probably aware that election time is here. Molly being from Canada + Alice currently living in Canada - it’s been a hot topic for us. We got connected to a government employee who specializes in a non-bias approach to politics, to fill us in on where each party stands on specific issues and a simple ‘how to vote guideline’.

Fran Lebowitz - Featured Womxn

“Fran is very good at speaking. She is constantly aghast at the absurdity of modern life — of people using their phones, posing for photographs, politics, feminism, social media, ugly chairs — and yet once she makes her demands known, she gamely poses for the photographs, answers any question you ask her, and talks your ear off, delivering witticisms with the grace of a compliment.”

The Indelible Marks of a Bleeder by Leah Sookoo

“It was a hot day and we drove with the windows down. Sudbury to Regina was a long few days, and I was squeezed in a parent sandwich in this weird front middle seat. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car. I remember the baby blue shorts I was wearing complete with a black strap belt, exposing my upper thigh which was glued to the leather. I finally peeled myself away into the open air, standing beside the door. That’s when my suspicions had been confirmed.”