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I Am Woman

I Am Woman

'what do you love about being a woman?'

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Why I love being a woman is because we are gifted with the female energies of acceptance, receiving, and BEING. As women, we have the ability to love and connect with each other in the most beautiful way, which is RELATION. We have this sense of empathy, and always come together to empower and support one another whenever necessary; sharing feelings, thoughts, and experiences continue to connect us in a real, and raw way.
-Chelsea S. 

I love being a woman because of the sisterhood I belong to that uplifts, nourishes, and sustains me. When women come together in the name of love and supporting each other, really magical things happen. We begin to drop our fears, settle into the strength that is inherent in our vulnerability, and make better choices. We no longer accept when we are offered less than we deserve, because we are taught what powerful loving looks and feels like by an exemplary model: our sisters. May we practice well, and pass on the knowledge and love we have received to future generations of women.

I love being a woman.
The seed of fierceness and grace, nourishment and resilience, humility
and connection - dance and song...
all sit in my sacred womb.
Rumi says, "Love is the mother". I cherish and breathe in all the Love and inner strength of all the women in my circle of relations I love being a woman.

Being a woman means to live wholly open. Open to love, pain, vulnerability, sensuality, responsibility, possibility and joy. I love the power and beauty of being all woman. I roared like a lioness when I birthed my babies, and I cried like a baby when I lost my father. I am a nurturer, a fixer, a comedian, a protector, a sexual being and a constant holder of space, choice and love. I am power, I am strength, I am vitality, I am softness, I am solid, I am liquid love. I love my womanly body and am in awe of what it can do. From growing and birthing three beautiful babies, to cleansing itself monthly, to telling me when something is not right for me, and screaming "YES!" When something is definitely the right choice for me. My body tells the story of my life, and every stretch mark, dimple (uh, my dimples are not on my cheeks) and mark tells my story, my womanly path. I love being me, a woman who loves her man, and three mini men. A woman who can teach her mini men to respect woman and in doing so respect themselves with equality, kindness and grace. Being a woman may not always feel like a walk in the park, (hello period cramps and heavy menstrual flow) but there is a sacredness in the gift of what my body can do and the ocean of womanhood that reminds me that I am Alive.

I love my body.
I love my sensitivity.
I love my ability to care for others and their feelings.
I love the electricity I feel when I am surrounded by other riotous, driven, creative women.

Why I love being a woman... (part I) Women are magic. Our bodies can sync with the moon and one another. We are sacred, by giving life, but selfless and driven by love. Our global sisterhood is fierce, yet filled with empathy. We are the peaceful warriors of Mother Earth. Why I love being a woman (wom)... (part II) Because women (womz) are strong as hell, and who doesn't love being apart of the resistance?

The strong connections we have with our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends. As women, we are so blessed to have these intimate connections come to us easily and innately - not just passing connections but bonds that hold true through life's blessings and challenges.

I love being a woman because not only do we carry intense personal strength within ourselves, but when we work together & empower one another our strength grows more powerful than we could have ever imagined. We constantly surprise ourselves with what we are able to achieve!

I was asked the question “why do I love being a woman” and my initial thought was to google what it meant to be a woman! I learned that I did not know what it truly meant to be a woman... or rather, why I love being me. Through being asked this question, I realized that it is my disposition to yearn for more knowledge, education, and culture; hence why I initially took to google to find the answer to the questions I had been asked. But on this Woman’s Day, I will reflect, dig deep, and continue to yearn for more knowledge… about what it’s like to be me. That is why I love being a woman. I have a beautiful mind and now it’s time to research a little something different for a little while; why do I love to be me?

I am so grateful for being raised by women who discovered how to be soft while never allowing themselves to shrink. Now I feel like I have no limits. I can be gentle and empathetic and intuitive and still find the confidence and drive I need to succeed. I can be feminine and powerful at the same time and I know better than to believe that my sensitivity is anything other than strength. I think it is so cool that I have the capacity to feel deeply about everything. That sensitivity is what stops me from settling for anything less than what I truly want.

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Now is the time to be a woman! To be a woman today means I have opportunity. I am confident, strong, intelligent, emotional, supportive, feminine. I live my dreams. I own a business. I do what I love with people I love. I love being a woman! I love myself.

My sensuality. My sexuality. My ability to connect with and nurture others. My vagina and my breasts. My ability to bleed and renew every single month. Is why I completely adore being a woman.

I love being a woman because that's exactly what the universe wanted me to be. I love that I get to challenge the norms of society and show everyone that I get to be whatever the heck I want no matter what people think. I love being a woman because I get to see how far we have come in this world and see how much farther we need to get as people. I love that I get the chance to have a beautiful child grow inside me. I love being a woman because it's who I am.

I enjoy being a woman because my intuition shapes my creativity, even when it's wrong. I have curves that fill the space around me with comfort and softness that allows a safe place for people to rest. I have a voice that can sing high and low and echo on the sound waves to soothe hearts. Eyes that can connect. I love being a woman because I can bare and nourish life with my body. I love being a woman because suppression and pain have shaped a timeless wisdom based on the growth of humility and understanding. Feminine energy is a experience. Now feel it.

I love being a woman because we get to FEEL everything. The emotion, the passion, the empathy, the joy, the pain, the creativity, the sexuality and the strength. We get to be fragile and strong. We get to burst at the seams and allow all those good hard feelings to flow through us.

Empathy is such a feminine-based emotion. I love this about being a woman. I feel that as a woman, I have a greater threshold of empathy, which helps me in my passion for fighting for human rights. Womanhood continues to inspire me with an ever-growing feeling of empathy for this planet and the beautiful beings on it.

The ability to create is still mind blowing to me. I have not conceived a child and my body could limit that possibility, but the fact that I can play mixology with my soul mate and create a part of myself with my partner is not only fascinating to imagine, but also scary as all hell!!! -Being a woman with sexy curves, kind eyes and thick thighs are what most people may see on the outside, but it’s the heart and soul of other women that pull me in. I’m drawn to the beauty of vulnerability and gentleness of other women. Whether these women are strangers who smile at you on the bus to your grandmother who communicates through gestures and loving glances – the world is made up of these humans that will forever be connected. I love being a woman because it feels fucking good to run the world.

I love being a women. Of course we all have moments of insecurity but overall I love who I am. Being a women in business, I feel so supported and empowered by our community! Sometimes I'm strategic and visionary and other days I'm empathetic and emotional - and feel expected and loved no matter where I'm at. That's something I wouldn't trade for anything

I am a woman and I love it! I never knew of the strength, the calm, the confidence and the abundance of creativity that resided in me until I discovered and embraced my ultimate feminine self. It has by far been my most rewarding journey and one I have been privileged to share with amazing souls that have, and continue to, share an abundance of beauty and wisdom. There is nothing I love more than a bunch of women together to share with real passion, raw honesty and courageous vulnerability; the power that this creates is phenomenal and I have zero doubt that this creates a ripple effect the world over. I am honoured to be a mother; to be able to grow and birth human life is simply beyond words – only a woman can do this, how fucking lucky are we? I LOVE this about being a woman! Further to this, I love my body. The female body is a piece of magic. Beautiful, nourishing and god damn sexy as hell! For me, there is nothing more powerful than a woman rooted firmly in her feminine; Love, grace, fearless, brave, kind, understanding, forgiving, calm, grateful, courageous, creative, honest and one hundred percent unstoppable.
W O M A N. I am honoured to share this lifetime on this planet being a woman and to be able to share it with you.

I love that everyday I get to be a living paradox — equal parts strength and softness. I love that I get to choose what womanhood means to me, and I'm thankful for the strong females in history who were willing to colour outside the lines and challenge all norms. My hope, as a woman, is for future girls (and boys) to continue surpassing and surprisingly us through their creativity, acceptance, intelligence and love.

I am a compilation of all the women who walked before me. I am fragments of their souls and ideas, their love, loss, and laughter. We as women hold within us the power and strength to move mountains, residing beside softness and stillness. We are all things. We are loud and roaring creatures, we are nurturers and space holders. Our ability to feel things so deeply is our superpower. It allows for life altering connection and understanding. I love the electricity of women being together. I love the empathy we hold and our ability to connect with all humans and walks of life. I love that our souls are intertwined with one another's, and that when we come together - fucking incredible things happen.

Physically, being a woman means so much. I means that I have the immense power and privilege of being able to grow a human being. It means I have curves, and skin, and a body that is uniquely feminine. I have the patterns and waves of emotions that come with womanhood. I feel everything. 
But, at the same time, being a woman also doesn't mean that much to me. It isn't the only thing that makes me who I am. I am so many things, and a woman is just one of them. I am sensitive, vulnerable, ambitious, and strong. I am thoughtful and hopeful. I am a human.


I'm a woman. I am sacred and beautiful. Strong. I'm a healer. A witch, a wolf. A lover. I'm tethered to the rhythm of the moon, and move my hips freely to the cycles and seasons of earth. I'm a sister and friend. A mother and protector. Powerful. Intuitive. Passionate and creative. I'm a woman.
-Chelsea K.

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