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Spiritual Consumerism

Spiritual Consumerism

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Remember that getting to step into this world of mysticism and spirituality highlights our privilege in having our fundamental needs met. Not everyone has the time or the ability to engage in ‘spirituality’ in the way that it’s currently being packaged.

Expensive yoga retreats.
Fancy meditation bundles.
Shelves full of books and crystals and cleansing herbs.
All of it is beautiful, and all of it should be welcomed with gratitude.

Consumerism in itself isn’t spiritual and you don’t actually NEED any of this ish to feel closer to god or yourself. There’s nothing wrong with spending money on things you love and that light you up (in fact I highly highly recommend it) — just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re more enlightened or connected because of it, ok babes?

A supportive group of friends + family, creativity, good sex, nourishing food, time spent in nature, and a connection to a cause you are passionate about are better indications of spiritual health + wellness thats anything you could buy.

— Gisele Plamondon


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