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Lately, I've been expanding my knowledge on culture. Indigenous culture, African American culture, Canadian culture... I'm soaking all of it up. 

In doing this, I've discovered that my anchor in all of this is my culture from my Scottish family. 

As a white woman, it's my duty to ensure that marginalized people's voices aren't being drowned up, but being elevated so that communities of people are heard. I'm always, always working towards being better at this.

One way I can be better is by knowing my own culture. Keep this in mind for future fights so you don't take on other cultures. It's okay to admire, to experience. It's not okay to steal a culture that does not belong to you. Anchor yourself in the culture that speaks to you. I do this by enjoying bagpipes and other Scottish music, watching Highland dancers, reading Scottish poetry, and learning more about Celtic paganism. 

Learning about your culture is a form a self-care. Enjoy!

— Mary

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