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- Guidelines -

When submitting your story, please consider the following - 

  • 250 words max. We love long and lengthy pieces, however our submission section is all about bite-sized snapshots into the minds and lives of you, our dear readers. If you would like us to feature your story in more detail on the website, please reach out. You may wish to submit more than one piece - awesome!

  • You have the right to remain anonymous (Please let us know if this is your wish). If you would like to be named, feel free to provide us with any links to find you on social media or websites. 

  • No need to provide pictures. If you would like a photo of yourself attached to the post, please email it directly to us — sayehellotocnnection@gmail.com

  • Whilst we endeavour to publish as many stories as we can, we cannot guarantee that all pieces will be published.

  • Please consider the privacy of loved ones, friends and strangers mentioned in your piece. Be respectful when sharing details of others’ lives.

  • Use respectful language. If your post is critical, which it can be, it should also be constructive.

  • Think about this question: “What is the purpose of my post?”. This can have multiple answers: to share something you’ve learned, to let others know they’re not alone, etc.

  • Remember that our platform does not support the judgement or ridicule of any person or group of people. 

  • Please note that we do edit pieces and their titles for length, clarity and our own guidelines. This might mean that your title could be changed, or certain language removed. If we feel we have made significant enough changes or altered your original tone, we’ll run it by you first. We never want to misrepresent your voice or message.

Guidelines Inspired by themighty.com