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woman standing in front of trees in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What is most important in your life right now?

What is most important to me right now, is the Saskatchewan Indigenous yoga training that I will be associate trainer for this summer.It's my first time in a role like this and I want to make sure the students get a nice first experience of a yoga training. In sum, most important to me is being the best yoga guide that I can be.

What is a hope you have for the future?

My hope for the future is to continue sharing yoga and reaching more remote Northern communities, like Stanley Mission and FonDulac. I love to kick it with the community and guide yoga where normally they would not have access to it.

What has pain taught you?

Pain taught me growth. Pain taught me action. Pain taught me tools. If everything were all good we would stay stagnant. Pain forces me to move towards action and usually that action is using tools such as yoga and meditation to help with whatever I am going through or experiencing. Pain also showed me how strong I am.

What does connection mean to you?

Connection is everything. Connection is support and rootedness. Connection keeps you going. Like a braid of sweet grass the strands are stronger when braided together. So are we.