We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.

black and white polaroid of woman leaning against wall

What is important in your life right now?

Becoming more loving to everything and everyone.
Expressing myself from the heart.
Fulfilling my destiny and having fun through all of it.

What is a hope you have for the future?

That people will remember who they really are. Take responsibility for their energy and see others as themselves.

What has pain taught you?

To come and look at the pain and discover to the best of my ability what is behind it. To love it, learn from it, and release what is no longer needed.

What does connection mean to you?

It means I am connected to Source. No other connection influences connection in the outer world like this one does.

This is my lifelong practice.