We are The Connection Corner. We uplift + empower womxn as an online journal + community, to connect to self + to one another.

young woman facing the sun with eyes closed and natural hair

What is most important in your life right now?

The most important in life to me right now is finding happiness and success in everything I’m interested in. I believe you should be happy with what you are a doing whether a career, hobby, or responsibility. But I also want everything to have meaning, and some type of benefit in improving my life either financially, health wise, or improve my knowledge and skill set.

What is a hope you have for the future?

I hope in the future I can do all of the things that make me happy and be able to provide for my family. Be better than my parents at everything because that was their intentions for me. To strive to do better than them, be better than them and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. I want to be able to live my life the way I want to and do as much as I can in this life so when my time up my accomplishments outweigh my regrets.

What has pain taught you?

Pain has taught me that I don’t like pain. And if I want to avoid it I can’t succumb to it but fight through it. I see how others deal with pain and how some carry it with them for years to come. I want to live a free life, free of pain, regret, and hate. So I do my best to overcome. Because there are some people whom I love who can’t overcome the pain which plagued them and so I want to be there for them. So I fight through pain to make myself stronger for me and them.

What does connection mean to you?

Connection to me is something that can be done anywhere with anyone or thing. We connect using our 5 senses, it can be through music, food, literature, a movie, or through a simple conversation. There’s something in that moment that makes you feel understood, and triggers a strong emotion. I think it’s beautiful that though sometimes you may not be able to connect with friends, family, or anyone close sometimes it can be a stranger, or a random song on the radio that resonates with you and makes you feel less alone. 

I feel connected to my parents when they tell me about their youth. They get so lost in the past that I think they forget their talking to their daughter, and a wall comes down and they tell me everything as Igbo I’m their childhood best friend. In those moments I feel closest to them.

I feel close to my friends when we laugh uncontrollably together, or sit for hours talking about things that have been on our mind, and we give one another time to both speak and listen, and even question the other person. I feel close to my little brother who’s autistic when it’s just me and him. We listen to music, he listens to anything I like and it feels like through music is how we resonate with one another.