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polaroid of woman putting in earrings laughing

What is most important in your life right now?

Right now, it is important that I find balance. I have started a new chapter of my life, and a lot of things have changed recently. I am being very intentional with how I spend my time and how I balance and juggle all these new things. I’m also trying hard to drink enough water and look after my body. I think that’s important.

What is a hope you have for the future?

I’ve started trying not to think too hard about the future, and be present with what I have in this moment. It’s hard, I like to look forward to things. I do hope that I am still happy and healthy well into the future. I hope that I still enjoy my job as much as I do now.

What has pain taught you?

That I am infinitely stronger than I thought I was.

What does connection mean to you?

Connection is a feeling. It’s contentment, it’s calmness, it’s rest. I feel most connected to myself when I am alone. I cherish moments by myself, I feel like I can restore. I feel connected to others when I’m laughing. Big, belly laughs.